Prospective Parent’s evening

Prospective Parents evening is nearing DHS! All our subject leaders and teachers are finalising their plans to impress and amaze the future DHS pupils and their parents, so what is prospective evening?

Prospective Parents evening is where the school opens its doors to future DHS pupils and their parents.  The students are from local middle schools and are currently in year 7. The future pupils and parents will arrive and choose to be guided by a prefect or find their own way around; there will be interactive activities in most subject areas for the future pupils to take part in. There will be several speeches and talks around the school, to give parents and students a further insight into the excellence of our learning community.

Some activities will include: experiments in the science area e.g.: static ball (makes your hair stand on end), practical experiments in PE and music performances.

If you are thinking about coming along to DHS’s prospective parents evening then we’ll look forward seeing you there!

Jacob Jepson, Deputy Head boy.

2 thoughts on “Prospective Parent’s evening

  1. Hello!
    This is Margaret from 1st Period at the Episcopal School of Dallas.
    About some questions:
    1. What is your school’s system of Head Boy/Girl, Deputy Head Boy/Girl? (I recognized this from Harry Potter 🙂 )
    2. So what is prospective parent’s meeting? It sounds rather intriguing due to the science stands and etc. Is it like a small carnival?
    Wishing you the best!

    • Hi Margaret

      Head boy and Head girl are voted for by all staff and students within the school and are voted for at the end of year 10 (around 14-15yrs old). Then in the Septemeber they start and they appear at whole school events and help to have a say in how the school is run and to implement new ideas etc.

      Our school runs from year 8-11 and we have a prospective parents eve for parents of students in year 7 who are thinking of coming to the school. They visit the school and see all the subjects we offer and look at work that students have created etc. They can ask students and staff questions about the school and generally find out a bit more about it.
      We look forward to reading some of your blog posts!

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