What we have learnt about Blogs today in Business & Communication

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So far in Business and Communications we have learnt how to present and layout memos, notice of meetings, agendas and how and where they are used. We have also recapped the different forms of communication within a business including internal and external.

A blog is a page online controlled by a company or individual. It is a place where articles are posted to inform readers of latest news or things relevant to the topic of the blog. Comments can be made about the blog on this page. Each entry is dated creating a list of articles in chronological order therefore they are well organised and you don’t have to search far for the most recent post. Anyone can subscribe to the blog meaning they will receive emails when a new post is created and can be more connected with the page.

Also if a product is advertised on     your blog, customers could then go to another company (competitor) which     would be free advertising for them, not you.

They can take a long time to set up     and keep updated.

However there are some advantages and disadvantages of using this form of representation for a business or person.


Sometimes an expert is needed to set     a blog up, they can be expensive.

People can make negative comments and     that could stop people buying products/ services from them.

Nevertheless a company can interact     with their customers and get feedback about their products and services.


It can share information with     customers including the latest special offers or products available.     Discussions can be started by the company or readers, but as a company you     can control what gets posted and can delete any bad or inappropriate   comments.

A company can advertise their     products for free and successfully through the blog.

The features of a blog are important to make it more interactive therefore more appealing to the reader. These include links to social network, Google, email or other forms of communication where you would be able to share sections or pages of a blog. This would mean a blog would get more recognition. Dates are clearly stated for reverse chronological order, and tags are sometimes stated under a post so they can be located by clicking on different categories, so a reader can view something particular. Likes, comments and number of views are stated for interest of the reader. Companies can also use a blog as a way of free advertisement.

We have learnt about Blogs as they are becoming a much more common way of interacting with the public within businesses. A lot of people spend time online and therefore is the easiest way for some companies to catch the eye of the public.

Written by Rebecca Rees and Abi Smith, Y10 Students at Durrington High School.


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