What is a blog?


This is an introduction to GSCE Business and Communication.

We are learning about blogs in our lessons. We’ve learnt the advantages and disadvantages of blogs and how companies can use them to get in touch and post things about their company for customers and others to read.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website where a person or company can post updates and things about them or their company for everyone to read. They also have links that post things to twitter and Facebook or other social networking sites etc. You can also post comments or feedback about the site or certain topics that it includes.


– we will be linking this website to twitter, Bebo and Facebook so that this can become more well-known and more worldwide.


-Companies can advertise for free because its free to set up a blog. Therefore, we will be able to advertise different companies and their products within our blog. This will make their site more popular.

Throughout our time learning about this topic, we’ve found out that blogs are an easy way to get opinions and facts through to people. This is also a good way of businesses communicating because they are able to look at what other competitors are offering.

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