Year 11 History lesson today

Today I had a history lesson. In the history lesson we were learning about the Munich agreement and whether it was justified or not. The skill we had to use in this lesson was understanding and developing our knowledge in the context of the Czechoslovakia crisis.

Our first task to start the lesson started with us being given a source describing what Czechoslovakia had lost with in this agreement.  We then had to find the key information on what Czechoslovakia lost  e.g it had lost 11,000 square miles of land to Germany.

We then had three points on the Munich agreement showing chamberlains view ( chamberlain celebrated ”peace in our time”) Hitlers view ( to Hitler ,the agreement  was a ” scrap of paper ”) it also said that in March 1939 Hitler broke his promise and invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia giving us the knowledge of how each side felt about the Munich agreement.

We then were given the task of Ben Walsh the OCR chief examiner for history was adding a new bit to his text book on the Munich agreement and needed our help to organise the information into justified and mistake piles about the Munich agreement, we had five minutes to sort the information (which will be useful in exams to help organise the source work to help us answer the questions).   After we sorted the two piles, we, as a class, helped each other decide what information goes into what pile  and explain to each other the reasons why.

We then sorted the piles into further piles/categories ( public opinion, military, USSR, Czechoslovakia) 

Again we used the class’s discussion method to help each other put the sources in the right group using peer help we were able to gain a better knowledge of the sources.

After doing the opinion work we were given two options on the Munich agreement and had a vote on whether we agreeed with each statement.

Our last activity of the lesson was to write a question and answer concerning the subject of the last two lessons ( Czechoslovakia) we then proceeded to test each other on the questions we had. 

This lesson really helped my organising of the sources which I feel will really benefit me in my history test to help me understand the sources .

By Imogen Walker, Student Leadership Team

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