Child development research task

At the end of year 10 until now we have been doing our research AQA task, we have put on it information such as primary/secondary research.  Primary research is where you have to go out and get the research yourself.  Secondary research is where you go on websites & look in books to get the research you are looking for.  There is loads of other information you can go and get research from e.g books/internet/newspapers.  I have learnt so much about this research task I have learnt about primary and secondary research, how parents choose their current option childcare, ratios & qualifications, as well as what children gain from childcare.

Children gain learning on how to share, how to take turns, how to accept rules, boosted self-esteem, preparation for school, confidence, communication skills, cleanliness and  a polite manner of eating.
I had to do a questionnaire about my childcare and go around and ask teachers that have children to fill them in for me if they had time so I have about 3 back to me so I put a one of them on my research task to help me. There is a child development research task time line on my research task to show you when I started it and when we finished it but the whole class went over it and haven’t finished it till now but some people are still doing it now.
By Annalise Wadey

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