Exciting week for DHS

Durrington is THE place to be this week, with so many exciting events happening throughout the week for students, teachers and even parents. Firstly this week on Wednesday and Thursday we had the school talent show, DHS has got talent, which is always extremely popular and this year had a great turn out. We had a large number of students performing dances, playing instruments, singing and even stand-up comedy, all to raise money for the school. The judging panel consisted of three teachers who gave their opinions and ways to improve should the act get through to the final. Acts should find out next week if they have got through to the final but they should all be very proud of the spectacular showcase of DHS’s talented students as both evenings were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

Another event happening at DHS this week is the Dance-a-thon which is a brand new event set up to raise money for Rock Challenge (a global dance competition that the school has taken part in for years). Students are put into three teams and at least one team shall be dancing at all times. The idea is not only to raise money for the event but to also raise awareness for the competition and involve students and teachers in a fun out of curriculum activity.

The final event this week that shall also be raising money for the schools Rock Challenge piece is the ‘Quiz and Curry night’ that is being held for students and parents on Friday evening. The aim is to get parents involved in the school and to offer a fun and enjoyable evening for the whole family that can also raise money.

Finally the student leadership team are brainstorming ideas that the school can do to raise money for children in need next month, so any suggestions will be thoroughly appreciated.

Chandler Goddard, Head Boy

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