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New page added today!

Please see the new page added to our blog today regarding share blogging.  We are interested in building relationships with other schools and using innovative technologies in lessons to engage and motivate students.

Read the share blogging page for contact details and more information on how you and your school can get involved, spread the word and help us to innovate the way students learn!

Mrs Gardner – ICT and Business Teacher

Durrington High School Christmas Fayre, this weekend!!

Please click here for more information on this weekend’s event – Christmas Fayre 24 November

The Christmas Fayre is fast approaching and this Saturday 24th November, Durrington High School will host their annual seasonal event.  From 11am-2pm you will be able to purchase many different items  from over 30 different stalls as well as buy delicious refreshments including warm sausage rolls and Christmas themed drinks and nibbles.  There will also be jewellery, pamper treats and handcrafted items for sale.

You will find popular and festive tunes played by Durrington High School students  to get you in the ‘Christmassy’ mood.  For younger students (and perhaps even the older ones who are young at heart!) there will be a Santa’s Grotto and face painting whih are sure to keep little ones entertained!  The day is set to be great with fun for all ages and all we ask is a small donation to keep events like this happening.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Chandler Goddard – Head Boy

Children in Need events

Friday 16th November 2012

Today was Children In Need, so to help raise money and awareness students and teachers arrived in mufti and donated a minimum of £1 each to do so.  Lessons carried on as normal, however at lunch time we had a penalty shoot out and a “sponge a teacher in the face” to help raise more money. It cost 30p for a sponge, or for three attempts at shooting the ball into the net.
Taking place in the hall, the penalty shoot out attracted many students and was a great success. But where most students were eagerly queuing on Friday lunchtime, was out on the courts, waiting for their turn to throw a soaking wet sponge at the face of their chosen teacher. The claps and cheers of the enthusiastic crowd when a teacher got a sponge splatted in their face seemed to attract an increasing number of students to spectate and take part.
Miss Darling and Mrs Eastment were clearly the two favourites to get sponged, one students reason for picking Mrs Eastment being “she gave me an hour detention the other day!”.  One teacher even paid £10 for the privilege of squeezing not one but two sponges over Mrs Eastments head, which amused the crowd even more!
Our final event to raise money was the “Teacher Talent Show” .  It cost 30p to watch, and just like the other events of the day,  the show drew in a large and excited audience of both students and teachers.  Performances ranged from piano playing to a comical dance and gymnastics group piece from the PE department. Seeing a PE teacher (who was usually on the football pitch) dancing on stage proved very popular with the audience.
Even more popular though, was Mrs Isham; who stole the student judging panels votes and won the competition with her amazing tap dancing talent.  Overall the day was a massive success for Durrington, and we can proudly say we did our best to raise awareness and an impressive £1886 for Children In Need.
Lauren Bromley, Head Girl.

Year 8 enrichment sessions

Today after school we attended our first enrichment session in Business & ICT and Mrs Gardner ran the session.  We really enjoyed all working together and trying out new ideas.  When we first got to the classroom we had to watch a short YouTube clip on Dragon’s Den, this was a clip about an entrepreneur who had a good design idea and had been innovative.  But unfortuntately when he came to sell his idea to the Dragons, the technology didn’t work.  We were shown this clip because Mrs Gardner wanted to show us that even when something doesn’t go to plan, if you have a good idea, you will go far.  The man in the clip managed to get £75,000 investment from two of the dragons in return for 20% share each of the company.

After this we worked together in our teams and came up with lots of innovative and creative ideas about a new product or service.  We then decided on our final choice and recorded our ideas as if we were trying to sell them to the dragons.  Mrs Gardner then uploaded our videos to a private YouTube account so that we can all log in over the next week and get our firends and family to vote.  In a week we will then look at which video has the most amount of hits and that will be the winning group.

We really enjoyed the session and used lots of skills like working together and communicating.  We also had to think about what sorts of products would sell and be appealing to the market.

The first year 8 blog of the year

Our first half term in Business & Enterprise, By Phoebe Cornish and Georgia Carter-Smith, Year 8.

Fact file – By Phoebe Cornish

When we first came to Durrington High School, we were clueless about business and enterprise and the skills involved. The only thing we had heard about it was that it included six enterprise skills. When it came to our first business and enterprise lesson it was a brand new experience. From our first lesson we learnt the six enterprise skills, these consisted of;

– leadership, reflective thinking, independent enquiry,team work , creative thinking and finally, communicating.

We took an enterprise quiz to test ourselves on how enterprising we were as individuals. We had surprisingly good results, the average score was 40-49 which meant that we were on the right track to being an entrepreneur.

We then did a group activity using our enterprise skills, to create a new drink for Questa PLC.  We then had to produce a presentation on how well we worked, how we would launch the new drink, and find out what the rest of the class thought about it.

The next few lessons we found out about entrepreneurs that have been successful in the real world. Following on from this we looked into what qualities we would need to become successful entrepreneurs ourselves. The skills we needed were; determination, risk taking, creativity, being persuauive, problem solving, decision making and innovation.

After we did these lessons, we started to focus on a particular entrepreneur who claimed their fame through the hit t.v series ‘Dragons Den’ this entrepreneur was Levi Roots. We saw the clip of his audition and read the case study about his audition. It included detail on how he was persistent throughout even when things went wrong. We followed his story, by writing how we thought he used the six qualities of being a good entrepreneur.

Our next focus was about researching two different entrepeneurs, and then producing a fact file about each of them. We found out simple facts about where they were born, their most famous business, and examples of their determination, creativity and innovation. We then found out the meanings of the different skills and qualities. After this we started to look into different inventions from the last fifteen years. Our task was to find five different inventions and give examples of how the idea was innovative.

After this we were given the task to find four different sports companies in the world and give the logos of each one. We then carried out the case study about Usain Bolt explaining why we think Puma sponsored him and the possibilities of it going wrong, we also had to explain that it was cheaper for Puma to sponsor him years ago when he was an unknown athlete, today it would be a lot more expensive as he is more successful and well-known.

Our task following this was to put ourselves in the shoes of an entrepreneur and what merchandise we would sell at the 2012 Olympics, we had to think about where the merchandise could be sold, which pricing strategy we would use and how we would market the products.

London Art Trip

Durrington High School offers a wide variety of trips to further our education and understanding of topics.  On Thursday 25th October, I went on an art trip to the British Museum.

As we drove through London, we viewed the iconic landmarks that makes the Capital such a famous attraction – The Houses of Parliament and the London Eye are just a few.  There couldn’t have been a more picturesque setting for this amazing trip. Although the architecture was brilliant, it was after all, the classical figures and artefacts we were coming to look at.

As we entered the British Museum we were shown the areas that were relevant to our exam questions, and overall theme – classical art.  This was situated on the bottom floor on the left wing of the magnificent building. Firstly, I looked at the Nereids, which were life-size female figures in wind-blown drapery.  They caught my eye and I started to make a rough outline of one of them, which was advised by my art teacher.  I planned on finishing it in more detail when we got back.

I also looked at other sculptures that would further my range of classical figures within my sketch book. I drew a piece that looked like a man in combat with a centaur (half-man, half-horse).  It looked extremely imaginative.

There were many other sculptures and classical images of human heads, animals, buildings and classical pillars that completed our ‘art-filled day’ which was enjoyed thoroughly by everyone.

Another successful trip for Durrington High School!

James Ball, Deputy Head Boy.