London Art Trip

Durrington High School offers a wide variety of trips to further our education and understanding of topics.  On Thursday 25th October, I went on an art trip to the British Museum.

As we drove through London, we viewed the iconic landmarks that makes the Capital such a famous attraction – The Houses of Parliament and the London Eye are just a few.  There couldn’t have been a more picturesque setting for this amazing trip. Although the architecture was brilliant, it was after all, the classical figures and artefacts we were coming to look at.

As we entered the British Museum we were shown the areas that were relevant to our exam questions, and overall theme – classical art.  This was situated on the bottom floor on the left wing of the magnificent building. Firstly, I looked at the Nereids, which were life-size female figures in wind-blown drapery.  They caught my eye and I started to make a rough outline of one of them, which was advised by my art teacher.  I planned on finishing it in more detail when we got back.

I also looked at other sculptures that would further my range of classical figures within my sketch book. I drew a piece that looked like a man in combat with a centaur (half-man, half-horse).  It looked extremely imaginative.

There were many other sculptures and classical images of human heads, animals, buildings and classical pillars that completed our ‘art-filled day’ which was enjoyed thoroughly by everyone.

Another successful trip for Durrington High School!

James Ball, Deputy Head Boy.

2 thoughts on “London Art Trip

  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog about the trip James. All the teachers enjoyed the trip too as the students were a pleasure to show around the gallery and the sketchbook work looks fantastic!. Mrs Gray (Art & Design)

  2. The sculptures were very interesting. I have seen the same kind of sculptures in pictures of Rome. One question that I have is were there any other kinds of art, and if so what were they like? The detail of the image and your drawing were very thorough and helpful. Thank you for you post.

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