Year 8 enrichment sessions

Today after school we attended our first enrichment session in Business & ICT and Mrs Gardner ran the session.  We really enjoyed all working together and trying out new ideas.  When we first got to the classroom we had to watch a short YouTube clip on Dragon’s Den, this was a clip about an entrepreneur who had a good design idea and had been innovative.  But unfortuntately when he came to sell his idea to the Dragons, the technology didn’t work.  We were shown this clip because Mrs Gardner wanted to show us that even when something doesn’t go to plan, if you have a good idea, you will go far.  The man in the clip managed to get £75,000 investment from two of the dragons in return for 20% share each of the company.

After this we worked together in our teams and came up with lots of innovative and creative ideas about a new product or service.  We then decided on our final choice and recorded our ideas as if we were trying to sell them to the dragons.  Mrs Gardner then uploaded our videos to a private YouTube account so that we can all log in over the next week and get our firends and family to vote.  In a week we will then look at which video has the most amount of hits and that will be the winning group.

We really enjoyed the session and used lots of skills like working together and communicating.  We also had to think about what sorts of products would sell and be appealing to the market.

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