Children in Need events

Friday 16th November 2012

Today was Children In Need, so to help raise money and awareness students and teachers arrived in mufti and donated a minimum of £1 each to do so.  Lessons carried on as normal, however at lunch time we had a penalty shoot out and a “sponge a teacher in the face” to help raise more money. It cost 30p for a sponge, or for three attempts at shooting the ball into the net.
Taking place in the hall, the penalty shoot out attracted many students and was a great success. But where most students were eagerly queuing on Friday lunchtime, was out on the courts, waiting for their turn to throw a soaking wet sponge at the face of their chosen teacher. The claps and cheers of the enthusiastic crowd when a teacher got a sponge splatted in their face seemed to attract an increasing number of students to spectate and take part.
Miss Darling and Mrs Eastment were clearly the two favourites to get sponged, one students reason for picking Mrs Eastment being “she gave me an hour detention the other day!”.  One teacher even paid £10 for the privilege of squeezing not one but two sponges over Mrs Eastments head, which amused the crowd even more!
Our final event to raise money was the “Teacher Talent Show” .  It cost 30p to watch, and just like the other events of the day,  the show drew in a large and excited audience of both students and teachers.  Performances ranged from piano playing to a comical dance and gymnastics group piece from the PE department. Seeing a PE teacher (who was usually on the football pitch) dancing on stage proved very popular with the audience.
Even more popular though, was Mrs Isham; who stole the student judging panels votes and won the competition with her amazing tap dancing talent.  Overall the day was a massive success for Durrington, and we can proudly say we did our best to raise awareness and an impressive £1886 for Children In Need.
Lauren Bromley, Head Girl.

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