Android app designing course a great success!

I have been going to an app designing course at Durrington High School for the last 9 weeks for use on android devices.

It has been great to participate in because you could create a large variety of apps including: Quiz apps, Whack-a-Mole, Paint Pot and lots of others.

app – My mini golf app

We used the internet program, app inventor, which included a lot of video tutorials that could help us make some apps. I learnt how much detail has to be put in to these apps with lots of information and blocks that have to be put in certain places to control the processes or the app doesn’t work.  I created a ‘mini golf’ app which took me three lessons to do. Other students made things like ‘ping pong’ and music apps.

block building

– the building blocks process I used for creating my app

This course was great to be involved in and I hope we do it again another time.

By Solly Searle.

Term 1 sporting achievements

As a result of a recent poll we carried out on the blog and because of feedback we received from our readers, I am happy to post our recent sports fixtures. My names is Imogen Walker and I spoke to Mr Pickford about results from this term.

As the first term this academic year draws to a close already we are continuing to have some sporting achievements;


U16 Netball – came 2nd in district league
U16 football are undefeated beating TLA 4-3, Davison 2-1, drawing 0-0 against Steyning, WHS & Shoreham Academy. Waiting for league results.
U14 football starting January
Year 8 & Year 9 netball leagues starting January – Katy Begley, Alice Bowles & Luisa Hughes taking on responsibility for Yr8 ‘B’ team.
Congratulations to Caroline Lelliot for making the U16 Girls Sussex Schools rep squad.
Winners of year 8 girls basketball tournament
3rd place in U14 basketball league- beating sion, WHS, TLA and angmering B.


Yr 11 boys sport from JCo
Year 11 Basketball team remain unbeaten after defeating Angmering, Littlehampton and St. Andrews. They play Worthing High on Thursday.
Year 11 Football team are into the quarter finals of the county cup after victories against Tanbridge House 5-1 and Patcham High School 5-1.
They are also into the last 16 of the National Cup with the most recent victory coming against Coombe.
Year 8 Boys Football District runners up
Year 10 boys basketball and rugby teams performed admirably within the leagues and there were excellent numbers to training.

As you can see a great first term and I know both myself and the rest of Durrington High School look forward to hearing about next term’s achievements.

Imogen Walker – Student Leadership Team

History lesson – What happened in Worthing in 1893?

Today, in our History lesson we learnt about problems that Worthing has encountered in the past. We had to find out what the problems were and how they were solved. We did an investigation into what happened in Worthing in 1893, why it happened and find an example of a person who was affected by the event and explain what happened to them.

History blog 2

We were separated into groups and were given 20 minutes to find out what the problem was. We looked at lots of different sources. The first source we looked at was a newspaper article from the Worthing Herald. It showed us that there was a typhoid epidemic in 1893, the article was written on the 100th anniversary. Also, as the population grew the drainage systems proved inefficient and in March 1893 plans to replace the water supply was put into place. Because of the epidemic 1400 people suffered and 188 people died – 77 men and 111 women. The epidemic was resolved by the boiling of water and milk.

The second source we looked at told us about a man called William F Churcher and his family. William was quite wealthy, he had a wife, he had 6 children and a servant. Because of the typhoid epidemic his wife Harriet and daughter Charlotte died. Between the census being taken and Harriet and Charlotte’s death, Harriet had two more children. The council was behind the typhoid epidemic and William was on the council. This meant that when the elections came none of the council were re-elected. William died a year after his wife and daughter died, leaving behind 7 children. There was 13 days between the deaths of Harriet and Charlotte. This meant that it was very hard for their family to deal with. William was not re-elected and after this the police had to protect his house and children because the people of Worthing were angry at council because they caused the typhoid epidemic.

There was an epidemic because the council workers hit a sewage pipe and the people of Worthing ended up drinking raw sewage. The people who were infected lived very close together, they were all infected because the were sharing a water pump. West Worthing and Durrington were not infected because they didn’t share the same water supply as Worthing.
We looked at a cartoon. The message behind the cartoon was that because of the typhoid outbreak nobody came to Worthing and it lost a lot of money.

At the beginning of the lesson I didn’t know that Worthing had a typhoid epidemic and that a lot of people died. Also, that the infection spread quickly. I didn’t know that when you got typhoid you got a rash and a really bad fever. Not everyone died from typhoid.

History lesson 3

DIDA – unit 5 – Software development club

Did you ever want to learn how to make your own game using different software and applications? With the new after-school club on Tuesdays it’s easy! Starting from the second week of spring term; 15th January, we are offering to teach you how to make your own game. Using a simple and easy to use program called Game Maker; you can make anything from Pac-man style games to Mario Bros and even make your own third dimensional free roam game such as something similar to Minecraft or Sims 3. This will be run by Year 11s and supervised by Mrs Gardner who will give up their spare time to offer this opportunity to any year 8 and 9 students who want to experience how to make their very own game and improve or develop their existing skills.  it will also give students the opportunity to try out the DIDA course which is available as a GCSE option and gives you a taster of what to expect. This will be in F09T (Mrs Gardner’s room) after school from 3:20 to 4:15 every Tuesday.

Read through the scenario – game maker scenario – click on this link to show you the whole unit