Android app designing course a great success!

I have been going to an app designing course at Durrington High School for the last 9 weeks for use on android devices.

It has been great to participate in because you could create a large variety of apps including: Quiz apps, Whack-a-Mole, Paint Pot and lots of others.

app – My mini golf app

We used the internet program, app inventor, which included a lot of video tutorials that could help us make some apps. I learnt how much detail has to be put in to these apps with lots of information and blocks that have to be put in certain places to control the processes or the app doesn’t work.  I created a ‘mini golf’ app which took me three lessons to do. Other students made things like ‘ping pong’ and music apps.

block building

– the building blocks process I used for creating my app

This course was great to be involved in and I hope we do it again another time.

By Solly Searle.

5 thoughts on “Android app designing course a great success!

  1. Hi Solly

    This looks really good, complicated but great! How long did it take you to begin to understand what you were doing? I like that there are video tutorials available. I find it much easier to learn from video than instruction manuals!

    Thanks for sharing and I am now going to have a go myself.

    Mr. Mitchell
    Learning Consultant

    • Hi Mr.Mitchell
      It was a really great course becuase we had a great course leader. Some of it was quite complicated but it got easier as i went on, i got the hang of it quite quickly, it was easy if you just followed the tutorials step by step. It was good that for the last couple of weeks we were able to make anything we wanted to practise our skills and i wish we could do it again!

    • Hi, yes I will get this sorted this week. Just need to get the students together as the apps they created are all on their phones. Once I have done this a student will post all the apps created so readers can choose favourites.

  2. Solly,
    Great post, it sounds like you had quite a memorable time creating these apps. I liked how you said that this experience gave you a better appreciation for how complicated and detailed these apps are. Most people probably don’t realize that when they use them on a daily basis. good luck on your future endevours!
    Jasper Fox Sr.
    8th Grade Earth Sciences Teacher
    New York, USA

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