Holocaust Memorial day and our trip to Poland – Year 11.

Poland was a life changing experience, everyone knows what went on in the Holocaust but going there and experiencing it took our understanding to a whole new level. From the minute we got there the temperature was completely different from the UK and throughout the duration of the trip it was snowing. When we visited Auschwitz, one of the concentration camps, we realised the awful conditions they must have been in. Not only when out in the open, but within the sheds they had for shelter. By being able to walk in their footsteps, we were able to extend our understanding and realise the hardships they faced every day once there. Before we went there we were asked to collect a stone each, this was to represent how we would never forget and it is seen in Poland and across that area as a sign of respect and remembrance. At the end of the tour of the second camp we laid them down on the English memorial plaque to show our respect and understanding for the tragedy and loss these people faced on a daily basis. From this trip alone we learnt the full extent as to what actually happened and got an insight from genuine people who had lost relatives because of it.

When we got back, we found it difficult to put our experience into words when talking to people who did not go there. The mixed reactions to what we had seen made it difficult for others to understand what we saw and what we experienced. By sharing our experiences with the rest of the school it feels as though we are passing on a message. The more people that know about the tragic events that happened during the Holocaust, the less likely it is to happen again.

For Holocaust Memorial Day, the message this year is to build a bridge in your community and pledge to make a difference.

Holocaust Memorial day

The aim was to think about a little change you can make within your community, family or friendship group. We feel that this is a good thing ,as it make people realise that one small change can have a massive impact and a knock on effect which applies to everyone and everything in your life.

By Beckie and Gemma

DHS Sporting successes so far this term

The under 16 girls basketball team got off to a terrific start this term. Their first game was against Angmering. The first half was tough but the girls worked together fantastically. They were tight on their players in defence and created scoring opportunities in attack. Angmering put up a good fight, but we managed to beat them 18-16.

Our second two fixtures were against Sion A and B team. The game against the A team was incredibly close. Sion pulled ahead in the first few minutes but Durrington managed to be up by one goal at half time. They continued to play well and the final result was 26-22 to Durrington. The girls then went on to beat the B team 34-22. Special mention to Katy Begley, Alice Bowls, Rachel Wilson and Louisa Hughes who played exceptionally well.

The year 8 and 9 netball team also began their league last week. The year 8 A team played fantastically and won all of their matches, which included Durrington B team, Angmering A and Chatsmore. They have some brilliant players and think they will do very well in this league… watch this space! The B team won against The Littlehampton Academy 17-1. A great achievement.

Year 8 ICT – My favourite project so far

Hello Quad bloggers! My name is Lewis Maskell and I come from Worthing a small sunny (sometimes!) town. I go to Durrington High school and I’m in year 8. We’ve been learning about all sorts of thing in I.T. We’ve done safety on the internet, and we chose a controversial topic to writer about, but my favourite thing we’ve done so far was a topic called THE SHOW!
We had to design our own theatre seating plan using Microsoft Excel and by using formulas such as countif, we also designed and made a ticket for our theatre, and we designed a banner to promote our theatre. We used excel to design our theatre seating plan. This is what I did below for my seating plan. Hope you like it….!

seating plan

We coloured the different boxes depending on the price of the seats. Yellow was the most expensive with dark green as the least. I also made a ticket and a banner for my theatre.

I have really enjoyed working on this project because it has been really interesting and I have learnt a lot of new skills such as how to create formulas in Excel and how to use Photoshop to make banners and posters.  I now know how to create basic formulas which I didn’t know how to do before, and I hope we do something like this again soon.

Thank you for reading my blog post! – Lewis Maskell

Year 8 E-safety learning in ICT

Hi there, at school we were learning about e-safety which is how to be safe on the internet while still being able to have fun. We looked at not giving out personal details to people you don’t know, not talking to people you don’t know and don’t put anything on the internet that might lead someone to you such as personal details like your address. Also don’t tell anyone your passwords to things because people could get into your personal things like Facebook, Twitter and your email. We made mini e-safety movies to warn others of the dangers in cyber space and how to try and prevent people from getting hurt. These are some top tips for staying safe…
1. Tell your parents if you are planning to use chat rooms
2. Use a nickname rather than your real name
3. Never give out personal details
4. Don’t send your picture to anyone
5. Don’t open attachments from people you don’t know
6. Stay in the public chat room
7. Don’t meet up in real life on your own
8. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable then tell your teachers or parents
I think it was a really good topic to learn about because it could happen to us and we wouldn’t have realised the dangers of giving out personal information.
Thanks for reading my blog post. By Gabbie Henson

Year 10 Business Studies product ideas!

We have been looking at Design, Research & Development in lessons, trying to understand why it’s important for businesses. We looked at what happens when a business doesn’t research if there’s a market for their product/service and how to target products at particular audiences. Businesses have to think about how to make products in the most cost effective way, how it will work and how it will appeal to people in terms of how it looks. Businesses often differentiate their products in order to make them stand out from their competitors.

Below are some of the class’s ideas, they are still ‘work in progress’ and just show a few of our ideas for products, explaining the USP, the 4Ps, pricing strategies, market research, design and development.  Please leave your comments below and let us know which one you think has the most potential!


Mrs Gardner’s Year 10 Business Studies class

Work examples –

Handy Call

Luscious Lips Design

Mascara design

product spritz


Year 11 Football success

On Wednesday the 9th of December the year 11 football team were preparing for their round of 16 game against Simon Langton School. The game was even throughout the whole of the first half, however with ten minutes left of the half Durrington went ahead when Jordan Burgess played an accurately weighted pass to Conor Chaplin who slotted it passed the opposing keeper. Half time came and the score was 1-0 to Durrington. At the beginning of the second half the game continued as it had finished, even. However a miss hit cross from a Simon Langton striker somehow found its way into the back of Lee Whittaker’s net. So with the score at 1-1 Durrington were the team pressing for a winner. However a counter attack from Simon Langton School forced a fine stop from Durrington keeper Lee Whittaker. With 20 minutes remaining Conor Chaplin picked up the ball outside of the opposing box where he dribbled past 2 players and won his team a penalty, which he took himself. From the resulting penalty Conor Chaplin had put Durrington back into the lead at 2-1. The last 15 minutes of the game Durrington had to hold onto their lead whilst Simon Langton were trying to force the equaliser. Great team shape and defensive work from the back four of Durrington (Jacob Basset, Jimmy Punter, Matthew Smith and David Beeney) kept the away side out. The whole team worked tremendously hard in defending their lead which meant they deserved the victory when the referee blew the final whistle. Durrington progress into the quarter final of the national cup, which is the furthest any Durrington High school team in history has got too. Now the team is left to train and look forward to the next game.

Year 11 Boys Football Team

iPad donations for Durrington High

Durrington High School has been lucky to receive 3 iPads since September 2012 from local businesses who are keen to get involved with aiding the school in developing innovative technology use within lessons.

The three businesses are Travel Places; www.travelplaces.co.uk , Cils-International and Sussex Farmhouse Meals.

Nick Warren from Travel Places said;

“As a local business it is very important to Travel Places that we support the local community, it seems more and more that school children need to be engaged with in new and inventive ways to allow them to reach their potential.  This seemed like a positive way to encourage them to learn and give them the opportunity to work with the latest gadgets, the iPad is such an incredible tool and will allow a huge variation in the way lessons are taught.”

The iPads generously donated by the three businesses have played a big part in the development of this blog and allowed some of us to work in lessons on the content of the blog and has also allowed us to update the blog more freely with our comments and ideas.  The iPads also let us complete work in a different way and give us an idea of technologies we might have to use one day in our jobs.

Durrington High School; the students in particular, would like to thank these businesses for their donations and for what they have allowed us to do both in and out of lessons.

By Matthew Parks