iPad donations for Durrington High

Durrington High School has been lucky to receive 3 iPads since September 2012 from local businesses who are keen to get involved with aiding the school in developing innovative technology use within lessons.

The three businesses are Travel Places; www.travelplaces.co.uk , Cils-International and Sussex Farmhouse Meals.

Nick Warren from Travel Places said;

“As a local business it is very important to Travel Places that we support the local community, it seems more and more that school children need to be engaged with in new and inventive ways to allow them to reach their potential.  This seemed like a positive way to encourage them to learn and give them the opportunity to work with the latest gadgets, the iPad is such an incredible tool and will allow a huge variation in the way lessons are taught.”

The iPads generously donated by the three businesses have played a big part in the development of this blog and allowed some of us to work in lessons on the content of the blog and has also allowed us to update the blog more freely with our comments and ideas.  The iPads also let us complete work in a different way and give us an idea of technologies we might have to use one day in our jobs.

Durrington High School; the students in particular, would like to thank these businesses for their donations and for what they have allowed us to do both in and out of lessons.

By Matthew Parks

8 thoughts on “iPad donations for Durrington High

  1. Hope you manage to develop ipad usage in classrooms to support your learning enquiries. Keep up the good work. Great blog btw!
    C Machell

  2. Thank you for your comment, yes we are really enjoying using iPads in some of our lessons. We like the blog and are hope to blog with people from other schools soon to know what they are learning so keep checking it please!

    Thank you

  3. I think the iPads have a positive impact on my learning and those of the others in the class as they add a new twist to the way the lessons are planned and give what could be a rather dull task a new and exciting twist. This new twist gets us thinking more and this results in a better level of work being produced. I hope to see them being used more often in the future for revision in lessons and involving them into group activities.

  4. Are there any Apps that are good specifically for generic revision techniques/how to do this? i am looking for some to use with my class?

  5. Like yours, our school recently received a collection of iPads. There is a rotation in which every day of the week, a certain science teacher gets the iPads for a day to plan lessons around. I am not in one of the classes, but I have heard good things. How do you use iPads in class, and do you deem them a cost effective means for teaching? Also, do you believe that iPads are the best tablets to use, when there are many other tablets that have equal capabilities at a fraction of the price?

  6. At our school, some students use iPads to replace heavy textbooks. It is fairly easy to scan the books onto the device using apps like Dropbox. Evernote is also a useful app to take notes with. Does your school use the iPad to replace textbooks and use helpful apps?

  7. It is so cool that yall use iPads. Do you have all your books on them? Do you take tests on them? How useful to do think they are? We just use Dell computers, and have hard copy text books. It would be nice not to have to carry around books in our backpacks. How does your school’s grade system work? We just have twelve years in total, and high school starts at ninth.
    ~Caroline, Caroline, Alex, and Pedro

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