Year 10 Business Studies product ideas!

We have been looking at Design, Research & Development in lessons, trying to understand why it’s important for businesses. We looked at what happens when a business doesn’t research if there’s a market for their product/service and how to target products at particular audiences. Businesses have to think about how to make products in the most cost effective way, how it will work and how it will appeal to people in terms of how it looks. Businesses often differentiate their products in order to make them stand out from their competitors.

Below are some of the class’s ideas, they are still ‘work in progress’ and just show a few of our ideas for products, explaining the USP, the 4Ps, pricing strategies, market research, design and development.  Please leave your comments below and let us know which one you think has the most potential!


Mrs Gardner’s Year 10 Business Studies class

Work examples –

Handy Call

Luscious Lips Design

Mascara design

product spritz


5 thoughts on “Year 10 Business Studies product ideas!

  1. Great designs! Handy Call is ingenious and could appeal to all age groups. But they all look like they have potential to me! Let us know how the projects develop. Good luck!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Handy Call on the market soon. With technology getting smaller and smaller, this team seem to be one step ahead of the market. I could see this going global.

    Of course the lipgloss/lipstick wand taps into this multi-functional market too.

    I don’t use hairspray because of the damage it does, the organic spritz product would convince me to give hairspray a go. Maybe swap ‘organic’ to ‘organisize’ in your slogan as neologisms are distinctive and catchy.

    For some reason I couldn’t open the link to the mascara product, but I will try again on my next visit to your blog.

    Really well done to all companies. It is obvious to see how passionate you are about your products.

  3. Hello English people,
    How does college and business school work in England? Here we don’t usually start business studies until college. While in high school we just study core subjects like Science and History. What is your school system like?

    • Hello American people,
      Business Studies at school in England is great. Because we’re in Year 10, we have started our GCSE’s. We get a choice of 4 subjects which we want to learn, and English, Maths, and Science as our core subjects. We do our exams in Year 11, which will take us into college. But we also do some GSCE’s or “build up” tests in year 10 so these two years are going to be tricky but at the same time fun.

      And we get 1-2 week holidays throughout the year every half term, and a 6 week summer holiday.

      At the moment we are studying inventions and innovations beforehand we were revising all the subjects that we learnt ie. Boston Matrix, the marketing mix, ( the 4 p’s) branding and differentiation, and finally research and development.

  4. I think that the Handy Call is a really good idea. I think the keypad might restrict movement, because the idea is to make it so that you don’t need to reach into your pocket or anything. Apart from that I think that the general idea is great.

    We also think that the lip gloss, mascara, and hair spray products would really help out. They are all great ideas!

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