Year 8 E-safety learning in ICT

Hi there, at school we were learning about e-safety which is how to be safe on the internet while still being able to have fun. We looked at not giving out personal details to people you don’t know, not talking to people you don’t know and don’t put anything on the internet that might lead someone to you such as personal details like your address. Also don’t tell anyone your passwords to things because people could get into your personal things like Facebook, Twitter and your email. We made mini e-safety movies to warn others of the dangers in cyber space and how to try and prevent people from getting hurt. These are some top tips for staying safe…
1. Tell your parents if you are planning to use chat rooms
2. Use a nickname rather than your real name
3. Never give out personal details
4. Don’t send your picture to anyone
5. Don’t open attachments from people you don’t know
6. Stay in the public chat room
7. Don’t meet up in real life on your own
8. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable then tell your teachers or parents
I think it was a really good topic to learn about because it could happen to us and we wouldn’t have realised the dangers of giving out personal information.
Thanks for reading my blog post. By Gabbie Henson

4 thoughts on “Year 8 E-safety learning in ICT

  1. Hello,
    We really liked how clear the message was, as it was well-written and stated the topic exceptionally. We have a couple questions regarding some topics we are interested in.
    1. How many kids from your school will want to come to America to go to college, and what are the colleges most are interested in, if any?
    2. How does your school system define grade levels? For example, how old are teh students in Grade 8? For us, they are 13-14 years old.
    3. What is your opinion on Kate Middleton? Prince Harry?
    Anna, Margaret, and Josh

  2. I’m not sure but I want to go to America one day. Levels at our school are for example if you got a level 4 but not quite a 5 then you will be given either a 4.3 or a 4.7. The year 8 students are 12-13 years old. My opinion on Kate Middleton and Price Harry is that they are nice and in the UK we had lots of street parties for the jubilee and the royal wedding which were really fun.

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