Holocaust Memorial day and our trip to Poland – Year 11.

Poland was a life changing experience, everyone knows what went on in the Holocaust but going there and experiencing it took our understanding to a whole new level. From the minute we got there the temperature was completely different from the UK and throughout the duration of the trip it was snowing. When we visited Auschwitz, one of the concentration camps, we realised the awful conditions they must have been in. Not only when out in the open, but within the sheds they had for shelter. By being able to walk in their footsteps, we were able to extend our understanding and realise the hardships they faced every day once there. Before we went there we were asked to collect a stone each, this was to represent how we would never forget and it is seen in Poland and across that area as a sign of respect and remembrance. At the end of the tour of the second camp we laid them down on the English memorial plaque to show our respect and understanding for the tragedy and loss these people faced on a daily basis. From this trip alone we learnt the full extent as to what actually happened and got an insight from genuine people who had lost relatives because of it.

When we got back, we found it difficult to put our experience into words when talking to people who did not go there. The mixed reactions to what we had seen made it difficult for others to understand what we saw and what we experienced. By sharing our experiences with the rest of the school it feels as though we are passing on a message. The more people that know about the tragic events that happened during the Holocaust, the less likely it is to happen again.

For Holocaust Memorial Day, the message this year is to build a bridge in your community and pledge to make a difference.

Holocaust Memorial day

The aim was to think about a little change you can make within your community, family or friendship group. We feel that this is a good thing ,as it make people realise that one small change can have a massive impact and a knock on effect which applies to everyone and everything in your life.

By Beckie and Gemma

4 thoughts on “Holocaust Memorial day and our trip to Poland – Year 11.

  1. The assembly you did with Mrs Burgess was extremely moving and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing your feelings on this.

  2. Brilliant blog post ladies! I went on the same trip a few years ago and it really left a huge impact on my life too. We are SO lucky to live at this time, in this country, the way we are now. We all take for advantage the things we have, especially the rights that we have.
    I’ve signed up on the Holocaust Memorial webpage to pledge to work to building bridges, it’s something we do a lot of here at DHS, with the hampers at Christmas, the fundraising for Children In Need, Sponsored Walks and daily with Peer Mediation, but I always feel that there’s more to do, and I look forward to doing it!

  3. A fantasic assembly, you definitely got the message across to the Da Vinci students. You are right we must never forget what happened and hope we can prevent it from happening again. Hopefully other countries have thought about this too and decide to make some changes to their human rights laws. Thanks to all of you!

  4. Well done girls for writing about your experiences. I know it’s been difficult to keep revisiting the things you saw and felt and you have been absolute superstars over the last couple of weeks.
    I’m so glad that we managed to get other students involved and thinking about how to build bridges in their communities.
    Thank you

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