Year 10 Lodge Hill trip

On the evening of January 21st, 60 year 10 students made their way Lodge Hill, nestled in the South Downs National Park. The trip has been running for a number of years now with Mr Wolstenholme and Miss Darling, along with many other committed staff who contribute to the experience. The trip was for four nights, and each day there were a number of activities and challenges organised to enhance team work, communication and leadership skills.

The students chosen for the trip were those who enjoy and are doing well in Maths, English and Science, and these core subjects were the foundations of many of the activities throughout the week; giving different students a chance to excel in subjects that they were best at, and to share their knowledge by teaching those in their group who had strengths in a different subject. However, as well as there being many academic challenges, there were also numerous physical ones such as the three hour walk in the countryside, orienteering and the low ropes.

Determination, encouragement and teamwork were three things required for the low ropes, an activity which was many of the students favourite as it allowed them to do something that they wouldn’t be able to do normally in the school environment and work closely with others in their year group that they may not have even spoken to before. The students said that the experience was enjoyable and motivating as it improved many of their current skills, whether it be through working as part of a team to come up with a strong and developed argument for the debate, or through presenting a speech in front of an audience of parents and teachers on the final evening.

It wasn’t just the days filled with new experiences either, the evenings consisted of even more learning and socialising, including dinner date which again enabled the students to speak to new people and build new friendships.
Overall, the experience was one different to any other school trip as it merged everyday learning with adventure and life skills, allowing students to achieve variety of things and explore areas and topics they may never have done before; giving them a glimpse of what life is like once we finish school. After speaking with some student from the 2013 trip, I know they would love to return and relive the experience, just as much I and the rest of the year 11 students would love to. I hope that the trip continues to run next year as it’s always been so successful and rewarding for both the students and staff involved.

Lauren Bromley, Head Girl.

1 thought on “Year 10 Lodge Hill trip

  1. Lauren Great to hear about your experiences and how much you all gained from attending this event. Thank you for posting this for us to read about. I also hope the trip continues to run in future years

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