What are business ethics and social responsibility?

We are in Year 10 and we’re studying Business and Communication. During this year we have been covering many topics and this week we’ve been looking at Business ethics and social responsibility.

What are business ethics and social responsibility?
Business ethics are the moral principles that help to decide whether something is right or wrong, however, these principles can change over time. An example of this is when the UK considered it acceptable that British owned farms could use slave labour, over time things changed until in 1833 when the Slave trade was abolished. Another similar story to this is when children were employed to make manufactured goods. This was later abolished in the UK over 100 years ago.
Business organisations aim to act responsible to those who are affected by their actions. Socially responsible behaviour will include the following things:
– Investing in local communities, e.g. helping out with local sporting events and sponsoring teams

– Working with local communities for example, promoting equal opportunities.

– Responsible advertising this means not producing advertisements that are persuading under-age consumers to buy the firm’s products.

– Designing and using products which will reduce pollution and other environmental issues.

– Good employment practices. For example helping staff to obtain new qualifications and take time off when they have family commitments.

We have been studying this topic as well making Prezi’s on the topic here is a link to one of our Prezi’s:

Co-op and Thorntons ethnical companies:
The Co-op has recently released a new plan called “ethnics in action” this plan is tackling a number of issues including climate change and global poverty. This means that they are taking matters into their own hands regarding unfair pay and working hours.
Thorntons are a major chocolate company and have been voted the best brand for their chocolate this is currently because they use fair trade and organic boxes of chocolate and chocolate bars.

thorntons logo

By Georgia Stanford and Raveena Marwaha

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