Our first Share blog with Thailand – Welcome!

Today sees the start of our first ever share-blog which we are doing with Shrewsbury college in Thailand http://www.shrewsbury.ac.th/shb/home/home.html

We are year 9 students and have created resources for students in Year 9 in Thailand to complete which you will find below.

This works in the following way
* We have produced resources and posted them below for you all to read
* The work will then be completed by the year 9 students in Thailand and posted to their blog http://blogs.shrewsbury.ac.th/geography/
* We will then look at the work completed and mark and assess it and send you back through our blog the results

This is the first time Durrington High School have taken part in a blog with another country where we are sharing resources and we’re really excited about this opportunity. Please keep checking back for progress with this project!

Info on Durrington

Impact on peoples lives

Decision making

orderof events

Mapping taskTusami-how happened

What causes a tsunami-presentation

Where is Worthing

We hope you learn lots about the 2004 Tsunami.

10 thoughts on “Our first Share blog with Thailand – Welcome!

  1. Well done 9EMC and staff, ground breaking and interesting work
    I look forward to see how the work develops, sharing ideas with others always enriches what we do.
    Ms Marooney

  2. I was really keen to read the work you had produced on the 2004 Tsunami 9EMc. I am sure the students in Thailand will find it informative and will enjoy sharing resources with you. I look forward to hearing how this project develops.
    Miss Squires

  3. Well done guys – your powerpoint presentations are coming along really well. You and Mr Brading are doing a brilliant job.. I am particularly impressed with Amjuid, Luke, Alex, Chayanna and Imo’s so far – very informative!
    Very proud of you all.
    Miss McCann

  4. Dear 9EMC Yr 9 Geographers,

    Hello – My name is Mr Meaney and I am the Geography Teacher in Bangkok who is going to be working with you on this project. My Year 9 class here at Shrewsbury International School are very excited about working with you guys and we will be starting on your (very well produced) activities this week.

    I look forward to talking with you soon about the work. If you need to contact me about anything my email is shaun.m@shrewsbury.ac.th

    BTW – Did you know our two schools are 8122 miles apart?

  5. The students enjoyed producing the work. They would be keen to develop the link further… I made it 8068 miles apart… we could drive it in 162 hours… look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Hi, this is Tharm, Penny Proud and Omsin from
    Shrewsbury International School. We’re working on the “decisions making”.

  7. Hello from Shrewsbury Thailand
    We are working on your order of events. There are 4 people in our group Austin, Benson, Kelly, and me, Plearn. We are really enjoying your lesson and it has taught us alot about the event. We hope that we will be able to hear back from you soon.

  8. Hello, this is Kevin (both of them), Sean, Ken and Richard of Shrewsbury International School. We are currently working on the impact that the tsunami brought upon the people of the effected countries. The questions you set us are very interesting and really got us thinking. We hope to finish the work next lesson.

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