Year 8 Maths lesson

LO- To be able to order data in order to calculate the median and range (L5) EXT – find the lower quartile and upper quartile of a set of data (L6)

Last lesson we looked at calculating the mean from a frequency table. We were asked to calculate the mean from a frequency table to show that we had an understanding of how to do this.
Mrs Blight made it really easy for us to understand last lesson, so I hoped that I would be able to do it easily. To start off with I thought it would be really easy because of the way Mrs Blight was explaining it to us. When I tried it I did find it quite easy but I did get a few of the answers wrong but then I went to Mrs Blight for help and she helped me to find out where I had gone wrong and how to correct it. When I knew how to do it, I found it easier. In the lesson we did a lot of peer assessment which is marking our friend’s work ourself and our won work which is self-assessment. I’m glad we get to do this in lessons because it helps us to know where and what we have been doing and if we have made our answers clear, then it helps us to know who we can do something better next time.
Before I started doing averages with Mrs Blight I didn’t really know how to do it. I would always be stuck. But with the work we have been doing and the help I have had from Mrs Blight it has helped me to understand everything about averages, so now I know exactly what I am doing and how to work the answer out.
When we first started doing averages I didn’t know what a frequency meant and now I know everything about it. In the middle of work sometimes Mrs Blight will make a mistake on purpose so she can see if we notice it, so I find that good for us.
Mrs Blight makes the lessons very fun and practical so all of us students enjoy it. She always tells us little tricks and easier ways of working a question out and I really find that better. We also do a lot of independent work, and if we get stuck she will always help us, she is a very good and supportive teacher. I used to hate Maths and dread it every lesson, but now I’m in High School and have Mrs Blight I love maths because Mrs Blight explains things to us in an easy way so we can understand it straight away. Having Mrs Blight as a teacher has boosted my confidence up and now I always put my hand up to try and answer questions and join in. I think that averages is the best topic we have done in the whole year. I think maths is the best lesson I have. Our teacher makes sure that when we walk in the room and we are doing something completely new, when we leave the room all of us will definitely know how to do it. If we get anything wrong or we don’t know how to improve Mrs Blight always sets us a target and tells us how we can improve so we always know. Mrs Blight also makes sure that we always know what our MEL (Minimum Expected Level) is, and the level we are at the moment, so I find that very helpful.
At the beginning of every lesson, she always sets us up a starter, it’s normally from a subject we are dong at the moment or one we have just covered, or maybe one we covered a while back. This helps us to think back and remember how to do things. If most of us get the starters wrong, we will always go over it just to make sure we know what we are doing. All the work we do is so good, and I’m lucky enough to have such an amazing and supportive teacher and teaching assistant and students within the class, I love maths.
During the lesson we took some pictures of the work we have been doing and the type of comments we receive to help us improve even more. You can find them below.

Maths blog 2

Maths blog 1

maths blog 3

By Alex Hirst
Year 8

6 thoughts on “Year 8 Maths lesson

  1. Mrs Blight sounds like a great Maths teacher! Keep up the good work, it is great to hear you guys enjoying Maths lessons. A very well written blog. Well done.

  2. Dear Alex
    Delighted to read how confident you are in Mathematics now and how Mrs Blight has developed this in you, this is what education should be about, well done.
    Ms Marooney

  3. I wish I’d had a teacher like Mrs Blight when I was at school – I used to really struggle with maths. Well done on a great blog Alex.

    Mrs Dalmon

  4. Thanks Alex, but the congratulations must go to you for your hardwork and determination to succeed in maths! Never give up!
    Mrs Blight

  5. It’s great to hear all about what you are doing in lessons.

    I’m pleased you have an inspirational teacher in Mrs Blight.

    I wish I’d had a Mrs Blight when I was at school.

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