Use of apps & ICT in Year 9 PE lesson

PE teacher Miss Wolstenholme says: Coach my video is an app we have been using in PE lessons which is an instant analysis of a performer. You can watch a performance back straight away, or on a delayed playback so that you can do a performance, then walk round to where the iPad is set up and watch yourself. The best thing about this device is that you can have it on split screen, therefore comparing two performers at the same time. You can also compare your own performance to an elite athlete by downloading the clip from youtube. It allows you to pause and rewind and compare both performances in slow motion. This app is easy to use and can be set up instantly in order for students to analyse their performance straight away.
I introduced this app to my year 9 class almost straight away. The following student has written a summary of how it was used recently in a tennis lesson-

‘In my last PE lesson we were learning how to use the backhand technique in tennis. To start of with, we filmed our teacher doing a perfect backhand on the Ipad, or some students had Ipods. After we filmed her and listened to the coaching tips we got into groups of three according to our ability in tennis. My friends and I are quite confident so we got started straight away, using the Ipad to film each other doing the backhand shot. One person would film and the other two would play in a game situation (doing our best to forget the camera was there!). After we’d all been filmed, we used an app to split the video of the teacher performing the backhand and one of us. Once we’d split the screen, we watched it frame by frame to see the differences between my backhand and my teachers. From watching the video I clearly saw how I need to improve which was by following through, twisting my body round further and moving my feet quickly to get into the right position. I then compared my performance against the assessment criteria to see what level I was at and what I need to do to improve. From watching the video, I instantly and clearly saw my points of improvement and managed to change my technique so it made my playing and level improve.’

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Grace Bassett 9EMc

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