Rock Challenge 2013 Winners!!

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Yesterday we went to Rock challenge at Guildhall in Portsmouth, there were around 100 students and I was part of the stage crew.
As a member of stage crew I have to make sure that all the set was available and ready behind the stage. This involved props such as a furnace, some flat boards and stage blocks in order to create the scene of Sweeney Todd.

We have been working on this piece for Rock Challenge since about last October and we used a 24 danceathon to fund props, equipment and any other extra props.

We were there from about 7.30am and left at midnight after the announcements of winners at 11.45pm, we won best costumes and choreography which was a great achievement that we’re all really proud of. Mrs Bowden worked really hard on making the costumes, so we were really pleased for her. As well as this we came FIRST PLACE OVERALL!!!! All of the other teachers involved really helped us and have been amazing in enabling us to win, mainly Mrs Isham, Miss Millard, Miss Wolstenholme and Ms Graney. We screamed with joy when the announcements were made and this now means we won from the whole of the South from Hertforshire to Dorset to the Isle of Wight, we are a premier school for Rock challenge.

By Kate Davies

12 thoughts on “Rock Challenge 2013 Winners!!

  1. Oh my word, your faces say it all, the excitement, the pride, the joy. A well deserved victory. I love that you enjoyed it so much and remembered the teachers who supported you to triumph.

  2. A massive well done to all involved in Rock Challenge, you must be so proud and rightly so as I know how hard you all work.

  3. It was a wonderful performance! You showed team spirit, determination and amazing talent throughout. Well done to everyone involved in bringing the piece together.

  4. Well done to all involved! It was an amazing day and an even better evening! You did DHS proud, although my ears are still ringing after you were announced winners! A deserved 1st place

  5. Amazing performance last night by everyone involved. Felt extremely proud watching as I know how much time and effort both students and staff have put into Rock Challenge this year. A fully deserved victory, well done. 🙂

  6. It has been a privilege to have been a tiny part of the Rock Challenge journey from the 24 hour danceathon, to the performance at Crawley and then to the finals last night at Portsmouth. Each and every member of the cast and crew contributed to the most complete student performance I have ever seen and possibly ever will see. You quite simply blew the audience, your fellow competitors and the judges away. You were universally upheld as worthy winners by all who saw it. The sheer jubilation and pride that exploded at the announcement of the final result will live with me for many, many long years. I am proud of you all. Finally, a special mention for the staff, without you it could not happen. The awards of best costume were a worthy reward for Mrs Bowden’s tireless work, and choreography for Mrs Isham, Mrs.Graney, Miss Wolsteholme and Miss Millard. THE perfect result!

  7. What can I say?
    Team Durrington, simply the best!
    Hard work, talent and ambition a winning combination. Well done to everyone involved we are extremely proud of you
    Ms Marooney

  8. Totally smashing performance from the tremendous Durrington team: loved it ! (Now relaxing after the last 2013 events of the 2013 UK Rock Challenge tour … Prem final was last night, left the Guildhall at after midnight yet again, and had a lie-in till 9am this morning. Just a few months left till we hit the road again … Feb 2014 for the next event 🙂

  9. As a regular follower of Rock Challenge, I looked forward to the Southern Final and DHS did not disappoint! ‘Sweeney’ had it all: dramatic intensity, amazing dancing and acting skills, an ingenious set and superb costumes and make-up. The audience was enthralled and drawn into the story from the first to the last second. A well deserved first place, here’s to the Premier Final in 2014!!

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