Bank of England trip

bank of england 1

The trip to the Bank of England; This was a very fun year 8 school trip. First off a long ride to London 2 hours sitting in the coach. Miss Loftin was touring us through London when we were entering the Suburbs. Everyone was listening very well and was looking as she pointed out the buildings. People on the coach saw the London Eye; Big Ben and lots of buildings that were destroyed in WWII and some amazing buildings that were very new. Some of the brilliant things that we saw were the Gherkin and the cheese-grater. London was very inspiring for lots of us to see the world in plenty of different ways. A great thing was the Shard, It looks unfinished at the top but it is meant to look like that. Then after parking up we stayed for lunch at Tower Place. After meeting up we headed off to the Bank of England completing a Great Quiz. When we were walking along Miss Loftin was showing and explaining to us what we were looking at.

bank of england 2

We arrived to the Bank of England and first we were checked to see if we had anything we shouldn’t have for security – luckily none of us did! We were all waiting to go in and we all went to a Hot air balloon, this was meant to show people how inflation goes up of course it’s meant to be at 2% but at the moment we are at around about 2.7% . We then went into the room that had a Gold bar in. Lots of people tried to lift it only a few were able to it weighs 2 stone. After that we went into a presentation and learnt new things some of them were “You don’t have to accept a note (money) if you don’t want to” this is helpful to know if you feel like you are getting handed a fake note. We learnt a lot about the the way banks have to run and about how money is circulated round the country. There were lots of things that we were told that I didn’t know like how money is made and printed and allowed into the economy.
After the presentation we came out and were waiting for Ian (The coach driver) then we all got on the coach ready for a busy ride, when we finally got back to Durrington High School is was 7.10p.m.

Max Francis 8JCO

Year 9 football & rounders update

Finally we did rounders with 9CMe against 9lLFr. Aiden Mallet, Daniel Rowely, Laura Gilbert and Holly Blackmore all getting rounders. Abi Illes makes mistake batting. Score 5 rounders. Change of sides and they begin. Batter drops the bat after hit. New bowler bowls to low. Batter stumped at first base by Toby twice. 2 rounders for 9 lfr. Next couple of batters got rounders. New batter hits it hard and high good rounder. Match ends cme wins.

9EMi won the football y9. We won by basically passing the ball around and finding an opening in the opposition. We had solid defence and good strikers which led to us winning the tournament . Alex Tom , Noah Nathan and Owen Jonah and kamil.we all won medals and got 80 points in total. We all played well and kept our cool under pressure. We were nervous about this but we had a good captain and fast player (Noah hoarne) a good defence with power and movement ( Jonah Williams and Alex Cowling) . We had skilfull midfield (Tom pickles) . Owen cook was fast and scored a Cracker and Kamil Fairs was a good passer and moved well into open positions . We are very pleased with the win.
Alex Cowling

Girls football and track events

Everyone played really well and represented Roddick as a team, overall we did good but next time be more confident with shooting and tackling! We hope we got a good result but if not we had a good time and enjoyed competing against other companies! The Roddick
girls football team

The year 9 volleyball teams did very well coming in first and second in their tournaments. The winners winning their final game 26-24. The winning team won an amazing 4 out of 4 matches.the winning team was Stephen McCann, Aiden Mallet,Toby Boxall, Daniel Rowely, Ciran upfield, Ricky Coldwell.It’s time for the 100metre heats with both girls and boys participating. In the first heat Roddick came 3rd and last meaning only one qualifies. The third heat has arrived wow what ahead with the two girls coming 2nd and 3rd an amazing race. The fourth heat has landed what a run to the line as we can’t decide where he came. The fifth heat with one year 9 coming home in 5th. The 6th heat has two contrasting Roddick one fast and the over henry Latham this really good time in his heat. They came in second and a funny last :). The 800metres coming out with stephen McCann, Morgan caiels ,joe McNamara and Lewis freeman competing for the boys. Caitlin Roberts, Emily Tedder, emily boult and Chloe Benham. Roddick came home in 4th,5th,8th and finally 11th. Now it’s time for the boys. the final result was 11th,17th,18th. Now time for the 200metres featuring Abi beadle, Amy suprhan,holly Blackmore and Rachel homes for the girls. For the boys we have Sam smith, Tom Jeffries, George Oliver and Kieran upfield. The results for the first race was abi in 2nd and Amy in 4th.the second race holly blackmore came in 7th. The fourth race and George Oliver came in 3rd and Kieran upfield came in an amazing 4th. The sixth race and Tom Jeffries came in 3rd and Sam smith came in 7th. The final for the girls 100metres is about to start with Emily Tedder coming in 2nd. The final for the boys with tim boulter coming in 4th place. The 400metre final is coming up with Lewis freeman and tim boulter gunning it for Roddick. They came in 6th for lewis and 2nd a close call for tim boulter. Now it’s the 200metre final with George Oliver and for the girls Abi beadle going faster for the green team. The result was a comfortable second for abi beadle and a hard thought second as well for George Oliver.

Update on sports day at DHS

The team captin Bronty Sutton had a great start by hitting the ball so far that all the fielders had to run so far, unfortunately she got out at first base. 10KBl were so excited about fielding because they thought that because we are so amazing we might have actually won, if it isn’t for the other team showing of by hitting the ball so far that the amazing Alice Bowles had to run so fast to fetch it, Alice through the ball to Lauren barker and joe ravers but that person got a rounder. Later on in the game, ed hegarty got a superb catch and through the ball to the amazing bryleah wilcock that we almost win the game, but unfortunately 10KBl lost miserably, but it was a superb match.


The team captain Andrew started off really well because he managed the get the ball straight over the net and on to an empty space so therefore the other team missed it giving us the first point! We started off good but we slowly went down hill because a lot of our team members such as jasmine straine and Courtney pullen didn’t hit the ball far enough.
Even though it was very warm, we all still managed to progress and slowly got better as the man was teaching us how to hit the ball correctly. One of our team members dropped out half way through, Tia did because she has a bad hip and can’t over do it, however, Ella hutchinson stepped in unexpectedly and the whole game proceeded really well.
A lot of people such as max Francis were getting annoyed because everyone wasn’t hitting the ball hard enough so it didn’t go over the net much

Jasmine straine

The Relay was a very difficult race with many talented runners, and though we only had to run 100m for each team member, it was still very tiring and it took a lot of team effort and co-operation to make sure we ran efficiently. Overall, all teams tried their best and everybody got the score they deserved, The 9CBU Shelley team coming 4th and the 9SWA coming 5th!

Ellie Taylor and Emily Boult
Shelley and Roddick

Sports day live results

At sports day I watched my friends play volleyball, it was one of the first games of the day and they were amazing even if they were playing in 19 degrees! My team consisted of my peers from my Mercator form, Aaron, Lucy, nick, and James and they were great. It was funny to watch and their first game against Davinci, some highlights of the game was Aaron doing a superman roll to get the ball, Lucy spiking it over the net and getting a point straight away and nick doing a massive jump and slamming the ball over the net to get the point.

Grace Bassett

At sports day I watched my friends play football, it was the second game they played, it was a close game, my form team scored first, 1-0, they led for most of the game, then mercators team scored, the rest of the game carried on even. 1-1. All the team played a good passing game. They were all tired after but thiNk they enjoyed it!
Jamie Bird

Sports day men’s year 10, 100m final first place Josh Jenkins 11.08 second place danny griffiths 11.54 third place Alfie Barwick 12.52 world record is 9.69.

Today at sports day I ran the 200m and came first breaking the current school record in the heats, I also run for Worthing harriers and really enjoy it! Ella Chalmers

Speakeasy Worthing event

Hi we are Stephen and Daniel McCann we are writing about an event we went to; Speakeasy is the event. It was about young people and their problems and things that may happen or help them and also about how to improve certain experiences in a young person’s life. Finally it was also about what opportunities and activities young people had to get them off the streets and into playing sports or other activities. It was run by Worthing council, police and youth council. The event was split into 5 different workshops. They were drug and alcohol abuse and misuse, young people with domestic abuse problem, post 16 options, e-safety and also activities for young people.
The drug and alcohol area was telling us about some drugs the names and a picture of what they look like. What was interesting was that many of them looked the same as another one. We also learnt about the stop search power the police have so if they suspect of you of carrying a drug or something illegal they can pull you over and search you and the car.
The domestic abuse activity was about what made a healthy or unhealthy relationship also we watched a Rihanna music video because it was about domestic abuse. After that we watched another video about a girl who is being controlled by her boyfriend and is being hit a bit and her phone was thrown into a pond. At the end of the video the girl started to fade because she was not herself and was turning into someone else the person the boyfriend wanted her to be. Overall it was very interesting.
The post 16 options were about what help we had to choose the right college and right job for each of us. We discussed a lot about work experience and the roles of online websites to help us get the right job for us and the advantages and disadvantages of the jobs the websites choose us. Finally we made an action plan to help improve work experience by having more emphasis on it before you choose your GCSEs and how actual employees of the training would go on the CV to help get the job they have trained for.
In the safety workshop we discussed how the companies of the internet and social media should take more of an active role to helping other people stay safe on the online community and finally we had a task to image we were the companies of Google and Facebook and we had to draw up an action plan to tackle the rising number of victims of safety and how to improve awareness of safety on the online community.
To find out more information on this event, you can visit this link:

By Stephen and Daniel McCann

A day in the life of a student at DHS

student day 5

Period one – PE

To start off the day we had an energising p.e class, we had the choice of what sport we wanted to learn more about. My friend and myself decided to do Tennis, I really wanted to learn something new. The inspiration was of course Andy Murray winning Wimbledon!
I must say it was truly hard work learning how to serve and hit the ball, but thanks to Mr Pickford I finally got the hang of it. So in sizzling hot weather my friend Rose and I do doubles with some other girls, I also must note that Rose did an amazing backhanded hit, scoring us a point! It was really fun and I would definately do it again, the p.e department are helpful and have so much patience for us students!
I have now learnt how to pass and run with a batten for relay, also rounders and cricket!

Period two – Drama

DRAMA! Knowing today was the assessment I was ever so nervous, this is because Drama is my favourite subject, also along with Business and IT! This was the last project we had in year eight, we studied “The three little pigs”
This was honestly the hardest piece of work! We worked in groups chosen by the amazing Mr Hall, then we had to use all the drama skills and put them into this piece to show how much we had learnt and understand the art of drama. From the past projects, we included choral speaking so speaking all at the same time. Transition, which is a way of moving from each scene, for example canon, moving one at a time. Also sound scape, making sound like wind. Using all different types of skill in drama makes it interesting, also different to what you expect to see. Since starting Durrington in September, I had never learnt how to act or use different voices. However now when I watch a film I realise all the small and large skills being used and it really makes the story more affective.
I’ve also started to realise when I read book I bring Drama into it as I use different voices when someone has spoken!
I have been graded overall for drama a 5.7 and Mr Hall has said I am the top in year eight in drama they only grade year eight up to level 5.7 because we’re not as advanced in the subject! I am currently 5.7 and in year nine I would like to carry on as Sir has said I have a talent but this only happened because of him so thank you Mr Hall!

Period three- Maths

Data handling, in Maths we are learning about how to handle data and find averages from graphs to find the perfect Durrington High School student.
To start with we collected data from both gender, their height, shoe size and other data which will make our end result more accurate, to make the end result better. We are going to carry on with this work in future lessons, we will be working out the mean, median, mode and range out of both results. In Maths we will be using graphs, pie charts and a range of different mathematical methods to find our end result!
By the end we should have the perfect student, due to how they look in terms of how smart they are and of course their gender!
In Maths we are always finding easier way of finding out different methods or how to use different methods in other equations.

Period four – Science

Today in Science we are carrying on with bacteria and microbes. Last lesson we got given a testing plate, which had a special agar. We used it to make up bacteria, we got given a piece of cotton bud to wipe an object and we then had to mix it with the agar, then you tape it up so no air gets in, as if air does get it the bacteria in the air wont show the right result because it will interfere!
Today we got given our little plate back to see how much the microbes had grown. It was gross, they were yellow, green and fluffy.
In today lesson we learnt about the white blood cell and how they works, the white blood cell destroys microbes. Let me explain the white blood cell engulfs the bacteria meaning it eat it, however not like how we eat basically closing the bacteria in not letting them out!
I am really loving science, because you find out something new everyday, whether it’s something disturbing or something that is pleasantly surprising.
I feel that my learning and understanding of the knowledge in Science is constantly improving!

student day

student day 4

Period five – IT

We are currently learning in IT about computer programming and language, this includes different programs, like Kodu, you can make your own little world. I have learnt how to drive a motorbike and fire different objects like a missile. I have also learnt how to collect and eat apples on Kodu to have more life in a character!
We have also been learning Scratch another computer programming resource which you can make games on, for example we have made a racing game which is two player and you have to race against each other.
Today we are carrying on with a Kodu world, improving them and learning new skills, I have changed the height of my surface and the colour of the surface also I have added different elements such as water or lava!
I like learning the skills of programming, because you’re in control of what the game or sprite is doing, you make things your own!

By Emily Cuckney