Ricardos engineering trip

Ricardo 6

Today, my fellow students and I were taken by Mrs Gardner and Mr Kelly to a successful global engineering company In Shoreham, Ricardo’s. They are located in at least 10 different countries, including United Kingdom, China and India.
We left school at 11:15, girls in one mini bus, and boys in the other! Mr Kelly really made a start to our day by making us laugh and chatting all the way to Ricardo; also we were pleasantly sung to the radio.

Ricardo 2

When we pulled into the car park of Ricardo, my friends and I were amazed because we thought of it being an old warehouse, with men and women all oily! Wow, it was amazing it stood proud, representing the company that has been going since 1915. The founder of Ricardo, was a man Sir Harry Ricardo, he had always been interested in engines. He was only 17 years of age when he built his first original engine that pumped water in his family home, 5 miles away from Durrington High School.
Ricardo’s specialises in engineering, however in 1922-23 Sir Harry Ricardo built his first car, every little thing was built or planned by Ricardo’s, they don’t do cars anymore. The car they originally did is called Le Zebrez10, with only two still going.

Ricardo 4

Ricardo 5

Ricardo even helped build some of the fastest cars out, the Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari 456 with the dual clutching. The greenest, meanest and leanest car the McLaren engine is made by Ricardo; it takes them only 45 minutes to produce one engine! They also supply the engines for World War 1 tanks!
With an engineering degree, you can do all different jobs in Ricardo. We got told that there are three main subjects you need to be able to be successful in to become an engineer. Maths, to work out the sizing, science for gas checking also technology or IT, this is because they have special software which helps design different products also the software is easier and cheaper to use than having to use and build numerous engine ideas.
However Ricardo’s have many other employees which don’t involve engineering, you might be interested in becoming a lawyer, they also have their own magazines which are made by their own company, and this means that you can do designing and computers!
The experience of looking round, finding out about Ricardo was amazing I could really see a future or considering working with a company like Ricardo’s. I would recommend to many people to find out more about Ricardo, because it would be an opportunity of a life time.
I’d like to thank Mrs Gardner and Mr Kelly as well as Ricardo for giving me a great day, overall it has been an unforgettable day, and also it makes me want to do more in the IT career!

ricardo 1

Emily Cuckney, Year 8.

3 thoughts on “Ricardos engineering trip

  1. Thanks for this account of your trip Emily, it’s showed me how interesting the compnay is and that there is a lot students can learn from business’ like this. I am glad you had a great time.

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic trip and made the most of it!
    Did your tour include the anechoic chamber? It absorbs all the sound produced so there is no echo and means that when the engineers put a working engine in it they can listen closely to all the noises produced without any other noise.

  3. Hi Mrs Pannell

    Yes we saw the anechoic chamber and it was weird being in there because of the way things sounded! There was a man working on a car in there when we visited testing the sounds it would make from the engine. We really enjoyed our trip to Ricardos!

    Emily Cuckney

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