How I used Kodu

kodu picture

In ICT we have been learning to program in a piece of software called Kodu to make our own games. For my game I have two characters that can shoot blibs at each other and collect coins. The aim of the game I produced is to collect the most coins without being killed. When you put the programing this is called creating instructions and you have to put it in the order that your character is going to do it in. This process is called computer programing, I used Kodu because it explains clearly how to program something to move and is easy to use. You can also put a scoring system in to make your characters score points for stuff like collecting coins. I have never programed my own game before but I really enjoyed do it and would do it again!

By Morghana Woodburn, Year 8.

6 thoughts on “How I used Kodu

  1. Well done Morghana, you clearly enjoyed this and explained what you did really well. I had not heard of Kodu so you have taught me something new, thank you.
    Ms Marooney

  2. Morghana, this is a great piece of work and I am pleased that you used the time so well this evening. I hope that we can find five minutes for you show me how this works. Well done, a really impressive piece of work.

  3. I am glad you enjoyed using Kodu Morghana. It is a great piece of software that helps students make their own games. Make sure if you play Mr Fuller that you beat him!
    Miss Squires

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