A day in the life of a student at DHS

student day 5

Period one – PE

To start off the day we had an energising p.e class, we had the choice of what sport we wanted to learn more about. My friend and myself decided to do Tennis, I really wanted to learn something new. The inspiration was of course Andy Murray winning Wimbledon!
I must say it was truly hard work learning how to serve and hit the ball, but thanks to Mr Pickford I finally got the hang of it. So in sizzling hot weather my friend Rose and I do doubles with some other girls, I also must note that Rose did an amazing backhanded hit, scoring us a point! It was really fun and I would definately do it again, the p.e department are helpful and have so much patience for us students!
I have now learnt how to pass and run with a batten for relay, also rounders and cricket!

Period two – Drama

DRAMA! Knowing today was the assessment I was ever so nervous, this is because Drama is my favourite subject, also along with Business and IT! This was the last project we had in year eight, we studied “The three little pigs”
This was honestly the hardest piece of work! We worked in groups chosen by the amazing Mr Hall, then we had to use all the drama skills and put them into this piece to show how much we had learnt and understand the art of drama. From the past projects, we included choral speaking so speaking all at the same time. Transition, which is a way of moving from each scene, for example canon, moving one at a time. Also sound scape, making sound like wind. Using all different types of skill in drama makes it interesting, also different to what you expect to see. Since starting Durrington in September, I had never learnt how to act or use different voices. However now when I watch a film I realise all the small and large skills being used and it really makes the story more affective.
I’ve also started to realise when I read book I bring Drama into it as I use different voices when someone has spoken!
I have been graded overall for drama a 5.7 and Mr Hall has said I am the top in year eight in drama they only grade year eight up to level 5.7 because we’re not as advanced in the subject! I am currently 5.7 and in year nine I would like to carry on as Sir has said I have a talent but this only happened because of him so thank you Mr Hall!

Period three- Maths

Data handling, in Maths we are learning about how to handle data and find averages from graphs to find the perfect Durrington High School student.
To start with we collected data from both gender, their height, shoe size and other data which will make our end result more accurate, to make the end result better. We are going to carry on with this work in future lessons, we will be working out the mean, median, mode and range out of both results. In Maths we will be using graphs, pie charts and a range of different mathematical methods to find our end result!
By the end we should have the perfect student, due to how they look in terms of how smart they are and of course their gender!
In Maths we are always finding easier way of finding out different methods or how to use different methods in other equations.

Period four – Science

Today in Science we are carrying on with bacteria and microbes. Last lesson we got given a testing plate, which had a special agar. We used it to make up bacteria, we got given a piece of cotton bud to wipe an object and we then had to mix it with the agar, then you tape it up so no air gets in, as if air does get it the bacteria in the air wont show the right result because it will interfere!
Today we got given our little plate back to see how much the microbes had grown. It was gross, they were yellow, green and fluffy.
In today lesson we learnt about the white blood cell and how they works, the white blood cell destroys microbes. Let me explain the white blood cell engulfs the bacteria meaning it eat it, however not like how we eat basically closing the bacteria in not letting them out!
I am really loving science, because you find out something new everyday, whether it’s something disturbing or something that is pleasantly surprising.
I feel that my learning and understanding of the knowledge in Science is constantly improving!

student day

student day 4

Period five – IT

We are currently learning in IT about computer programming and language, this includes different programs, like Kodu, you can make your own little world. I have learnt how to drive a motorbike and fire different objects like a missile. I have also learnt how to collect and eat apples on Kodu to have more life in a character!
We have also been learning Scratch another computer programming resource which you can make games on, for example we have made a racing game which is two player and you have to race against each other.
Today we are carrying on with a Kodu world, improving them and learning new skills, I have changed the height of my surface and the colour of the surface also I have added different elements such as water or lava!
I like learning the skills of programming, because you’re in control of what the game or sprite is doing, you make things your own!

By Emily Cuckney

8 thoughts on “A day in the life of a student at DHS

  1. What a busy and varied day – packed full of great learning!
    Pleased to hear that you love science – It’s a great subject!
    Well done – a great blog
    Mr Allison

  2. Great Blog Emily! It’s also good to see how interetsing and varied your day is. You clearly enjoy learning which helps! Keep up the good work.

  3. Great blog Emily!
    I really enjoyed reading it. It sounds like your days are jam-packed!
    Keep up the hard work Emily and have a lovely sunny weekend.
    Miss McCann

  4. Well done Emily! It is really lovely to hear about the interesting things you do in other lessons. I’m glad you are loving science and I hope you continue to enjoy the lessons!

  5. This is a well written and very interesting blog Emily! It’s good to see you’re able to enjoy PE again but we miss your smiley face in Motivation Unit 🙂
    Mrs Frayard-Smith

  6. Well, what a great day you seem to had Emily! Very well written, it is great for old guys like me to understand what happens in school these days as it was a long time ago I was there myself!
    Your teachers sound amazing and you have certainly helped me understand how interesting and varied your days are. Thank you.

  7. Wow, that sounds like a really action packed day! I never realised just how much students are getting up to in a day, so it was really informative!

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