Speakeasy Worthing event

Hi we are Stephen and Daniel McCann we are writing about an event we went to; Speakeasy is the event. It was about young people and their problems and things that may happen or help them and also about how to improve certain experiences in a young person’s life. Finally it was also about what opportunities and activities young people had to get them off the streets and into playing sports or other activities. It was run by Worthing council, police and youth council. The event was split into 5 different workshops. They were drug and alcohol abuse and misuse, young people with domestic abuse problem, post 16 options, e-safety and also activities for young people.
The drug and alcohol area was telling us about some drugs the names and a picture of what they look like. What was interesting was that many of them looked the same as another one. We also learnt about the stop search power the police have so if they suspect of you of carrying a drug or something illegal they can pull you over and search you and the car.
The domestic abuse activity was about what made a healthy or unhealthy relationship also we watched a Rihanna music video because it was about domestic abuse. After that we watched another video about a girl who is being controlled by her boyfriend and is being hit a bit and her phone was thrown into a pond. At the end of the video the girl started to fade because she was not herself and was turning into someone else the person the boyfriend wanted her to be. Overall it was very interesting.
The post 16 options were about what help we had to choose the right college and right job for each of us. We discussed a lot about work experience and the roles of online websites to help us get the right job for us and the advantages and disadvantages of the jobs the websites choose us. Finally we made an action plan to help improve work experience by having more emphasis on it before you choose your GCSEs and how actual employees of the training would go on the CV to help get the job they have trained for.
In the safety workshop we discussed how the companies of the internet and social media should take more of an active role to helping other people stay safe on the online community and finally we had a task to image we were the companies of Google and Facebook and we had to draw up an action plan to tackle the rising number of victims of safety and how to improve awareness of safety on the online community.
To find out more information on this event, you can visit this link: http://www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/news/archive/2013/june/young-people-speak-up-at-speakeasy.html

By Stephen and Daniel McCann

One thought on “Speakeasy Worthing event

  1. This event sounds really interesting thanks for telling us about it. I will definately click on the link and find out more about other workshops or similar ones that students could attend.
    Mrs Yates

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