Girls football and track events

Everyone played really well and represented Roddick as a team, overall we did good but next time be more confident with shooting and tackling! We hope we got a good result but if not we had a good time and enjoyed competing against other companies! The Roddick
girls football team

The year 9 volleyball teams did very well coming in first and second in their tournaments. The winners winning their final game 26-24. The winning team won an amazing 4 out of 4 matches.the winning team was Stephen McCann, Aiden Mallet,Toby Boxall, Daniel Rowely, Ciran upfield, Ricky Coldwell.It’s time for the 100metre heats with both girls and boys participating. In the first heat Roddick came 3rd and last meaning only one qualifies. The third heat has arrived wow what ahead with the two girls coming 2nd and 3rd an amazing race. The fourth heat has landed what a run to the line as we can’t decide where he came. The fifth heat with one year 9 coming home in 5th. The 6th heat has two contrasting Roddick one fast and the over henry Latham this really good time in his heat. They came in second and a funny last :). The 800metres coming out with stephen McCann, Morgan caiels ,joe McNamara and Lewis freeman competing for the boys. Caitlin Roberts, Emily Tedder, emily boult and Chloe Benham. Roddick came home in 4th,5th,8th and finally 11th. Now it’s time for the boys. the final result was 11th,17th,18th. Now time for the 200metres featuring Abi beadle, Amy suprhan,holly Blackmore and Rachel homes for the girls. For the boys we have Sam smith, Tom Jeffries, George Oliver and Kieran upfield. The results for the first race was abi in 2nd and Amy in 4th.the second race holly blackmore came in 7th. The fourth race and George Oliver came in 3rd and Kieran upfield came in an amazing 4th. The sixth race and Tom Jeffries came in 3rd and Sam smith came in 7th. The final for the girls 100metres is about to start with Emily Tedder coming in 2nd. The final for the boys with tim boulter coming in 4th place. The 400metre final is coming up with Lewis freeman and tim boulter gunning it for Roddick. They came in 6th for lewis and 2nd a close call for tim boulter. Now it’s the 200metre final with George Oliver and for the girls Abi beadle going faster for the green team. The result was a comfortable second for abi beadle and a hard thought second as well for George Oliver.

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