Sports day live results

At sports day I watched my friends play volleyball, it was one of the first games of the day and they were amazing even if they were playing in 19 degrees! My team consisted of my peers from my Mercator form, Aaron, Lucy, nick, and James and they were great. It was funny to watch and their first game against Davinci, some highlights of the game was Aaron doing a superman roll to get the ball, Lucy spiking it over the net and getting a point straight away and nick doing a massive jump and slamming the ball over the net to get the point.

Grace Bassett

At sports day I watched my friends play football, it was the second game they played, it was a close game, my form team scored first, 1-0, they led for most of the game, then mercators team scored, the rest of the game carried on even. 1-1. All the team played a good passing game. They were all tired after but thiNk they enjoyed it!
Jamie Bird

Sports day men’s year 10, 100m final first place Josh Jenkins 11.08 second place danny griffiths 11.54 third place Alfie Barwick 12.52 world record is 9.69.

Today at sports day I ran the 200m and came first breaking the current school record in the heats, I also run for Worthing harriers and really enjoy it! Ella Chalmers

One thought on “Sports day live results

  1. Well Done Ella,!! and to all the students who gave it their best. Great day of challenges, determination and team spirit.

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