Year 9 football & rounders update

Finally we did rounders with 9CMe against 9lLFr. Aiden Mallet, Daniel Rowely, Laura Gilbert and Holly Blackmore all getting rounders. Abi Illes makes mistake batting. Score 5 rounders. Change of sides and they begin. Batter drops the bat after hit. New bowler bowls to low. Batter stumped at first base by Toby twice. 2 rounders for 9 lfr. Next couple of batters got rounders. New batter hits it hard and high good rounder. Match ends cme wins.

9EMi won the football y9. We won by basically passing the ball around and finding an opening in the opposition. We had solid defence and good strikers which led to us winning the tournament . Alex Tom , Noah Nathan and Owen Jonah and kamil.we all won medals and got 80 points in total. We all played well and kept our cool under pressure. We were nervous about this but we had a good captain and fast player (Noah hoarne) a good defence with power and movement ( Jonah Williams and Alex Cowling) . We had skilfull midfield (Tom pickles) . Owen cook was fast and scored a Cracker and Kamil Fairs was a good passer and moved well into open positions . We are very pleased with the win.
Alex Cowling

2 thoughts on “Year 9 football & rounders update

  1. What a day! So many took part and the rest gave them their outstanding support!
    Franklin company were once again victorious, showing that individual excellence and incredible team spirit make for a winning combination. Well done all.

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