Bank of England trip

bank of england 1

The trip to the Bank of England; This was a very fun year 8 school trip. First off a long ride to London 2 hours sitting in the coach. Miss Loftin was touring us through London when we were entering the Suburbs. Everyone was listening very well and was looking as she pointed out the buildings. People on the coach saw the London Eye; Big Ben and lots of buildings that were destroyed in WWII and some amazing buildings that were very new. Some of the brilliant things that we saw were the Gherkin and the cheese-grater. London was very inspiring for lots of us to see the world in plenty of different ways. A great thing was the Shard, It looks unfinished at the top but it is meant to look like that. Then after parking up we stayed for lunch at Tower Place. After meeting up we headed off to the Bank of England completing a Great Quiz. When we were walking along Miss Loftin was showing and explaining to us what we were looking at.

bank of england 2

We arrived to the Bank of England and first we were checked to see if we had anything we shouldn’t have for security – luckily none of us did! We were all waiting to go in and we all went to a Hot air balloon, this was meant to show people how inflation goes up of course it’s meant to be at 2% but at the moment we are at around about 2.7% . We then went into the room that had a Gold bar in. Lots of people tried to lift it only a few were able to it weighs 2 stone. After that we went into a presentation and learnt new things some of them were “You don’t have to accept a note (money) if you don’t want to” this is helpful to know if you feel like you are getting handed a fake note. We learnt a lot about the the way banks have to run and about how money is circulated round the country. There were lots of things that we were told that I didn’t know like how money is made and printed and allowed into the economy.
After the presentation we came out and were waiting for Ian (The coach driver) then we all got on the coach ready for a busy ride, when we finally got back to Durrington High School is was 7.10p.m.

Max Francis 8JCO

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