Year 8 Teambuilding days – First post of the year!

This blog is about the team building days that Year 8 students have been doing this week including what activities and puzzles we completed.
There are also other deatails like indoor activities, like acting and Drama it was so much fun for us all. Anyway I’m telling you too much so relax and enjoy the blog below:

Wednesday 25th September
Today the students had lots of fun in the outdoors while building their relationships, with the other pupils this was to help us know how we could work better together. We used water pipes, ropes and other fun things. We also did some car building and the parts were made of plastic and I think we all did really well. Also we did an activity involving skis, it was good fun as we had to keep the constant stepping rythym with the skis. Wow! The day has gone so fast like a rocket, still we have one more thing to do….LAUNCHING ROCKETS!!!
It was so fun and me and all my friends really enjoyed it, but its the end of the outdoor day, but tomorrow will be fun too.

Thursday 26th September
This morning was so fun we were talking about bullying and learning about how to report it and why it is so bad we also got told how to stop it and also we played fun games to help us build our relationships with each other and then we had to practice a bit of Drama about bullying some people in our class. We were scared to pretend to bully each other as we’re all good friends but the teacher said it will be fine and beneficial. We then watched the Year 10s do their play about bullying, it was really good, they all acted really well and it made sense to us.
The winner was group 6. Today was an amazing day full of fun and good times and it was great to get to know everyone including our teachers better, I’m sure that everyone enjoyed it too.

Jessica Sharpe 8BCr