Thinking about mindsets

On Monday the 18th, the Student Leadership Team met with Mr Allison to discuss what we think are good learners and what are not so. We discussed the importance of having a growth mindset over a fixed mindset. A fixed mind- is where you avoid challenges, gives up easily when things get hard, ignores useful feedback and sees effort as a waste of time. As a group, we highlighted the issues linked to this mind-set. In contrast, a growth mindset is where a learner loves a challenge and keeps going when things get hard. They also learn from feedback and believe that hard work and effort is the key to successful education.
When asked what a fixed and growth mindset student would look like in the classroom, we came up with the following:
Fixed Mindset
 Often says ‘I can’t do it’
 Not interested in working hard during lessons
 Think they know it all
 Not always interested in working with and learning from others
 Don’t revise
 Boast a lot about their knowledge, but it’s just a front
 Don’t need to try harder as they always get a good grade
 As soon as something gets hard, they shut off
 They become easily distracted from their work
 They’ll make witty comments to hide the fact that they are stuck
 Copy others
 Don’t take notes
 Acts as if they aren’t bothered
 Don’t ask questions, due to a fear of being wrong or laughed at
 Don’t work hard to improve themselves outside school

Growth Mindset
 Willing to give things a go
 Will ask questions and respond well to the feedback
 Participates in the lesson
 When working in groups, will give ideas.
 Well behaved and interested in the work.
 Revises well
 Well presented work
 Alert and hard working during lessons
 Enthusiastic about the work they are doing and will ask for help if they are not sure.
 Want to realise their potential
 Will spend time on homework
 Focused and concentrating during lessons
 They want to excel

Advantages of a learner having a growth mindset are that they seek to expand their knowledge, actively engage in lessons and always improve based on feedback. The benefits of this are as follows:
• Always listening to feedback allows the learner to develop their comprehension and application of knowledge in all subjects. This allows the learner to consistently improve their results and eventually finish their education with grades they can be proud of.
• Actively working as part of a group will develop essential skills, such as communication and leadership, which can prove vital later on in life.

In summary, the Student Leadership Team discussed the main two mind-sets relating to education. As a whole, we decided that a growth mindset is more beneficial to the learner because it develops essential skills, expands your understanding and, most importantly, prepares you for challenges later on in life.
Tom Walker Head Boy
Alex Maraio Deputy Head Boy.