Computer Science Education week!

Look what we did in ICT today!

Watch this to see how coding is taking over the world this week! –








We (Emily & Katisha) did 74 lines of code today!!
This week is Computer Science Education Week around the world and Year 8 students at Durrington High School have been taking part in this in their ICT lessons.
What is coding you ask? Coding is what lets us create computer software, apps and websites. In lessons Year 8 have been learning how to code by using a game software called The Maze and you have to try and get an angry bird to the pig by using code. Some of us also used a game called LightBot and you have to try and get the robot to the blue square. Others used Javascript, Scratch, CodeAcademy, Code HS and CodeCOmbat to name a few. We really enjoyed trying out new pieces of software and doing something a bit different in lessons.
Year 8 have been using a website called and you can have a look and learn too! Anyone from 6-106 can take part. We hope you have a go and enjoy it like we did.

Emily Wells and Katisha Waghorn 8FMo

One thought on “Computer Science Education week!

  1. Very proud of you all! What a fantastic week to be involved in. Thank you to Mrs Gardner for teaching everyone about coding. Keep up the hard work!


    Miss Morton

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