Evaluation of our pringle experiment

Today we designed a packaging design for a single pringle crisp so we could test if the packaging was secure and safe to see if the pringle would be broken or not. We posted it on Wednesday last week.
We made the box out of two takeaway containers and we wrapped the pringle in bubble wrap and then secured the box with cellotape.

It came back tand the box was intact but when we opened it and cracked it the box was ruined.
We think if we had opened it more carefully then it wouldn’t have smashed and it would still be intact.

If we were to do it again we would improve it by putting the pringle into a cardboard box instead of making our own box out of a takeaway carrier and wrapping it in tinfoil and cotton wool and we would also tape the box more securely.

By Brent, Travis and Harry 9BMa

The lesson objective was to create a packaging that could hold a pringle safely through the post. First we designed a package that we could put the pringle in, after we had designed it we started making it. Once this was finished we gave it to our teacher to post.

After two days we got the packages back and when we opened them we found that our pringle had broken into tiny little pieces. To improve our design we could allow the package to take more pressure which would mean it would need a bigger surface area so it could take the force of it being thrown.

By Souroush, Jordon and Dan

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