Learning about pressure in Science with a pringle!

Today we got our single pringle back from the post, it seemed to be undamaged and no scratches and then pringle itself was in tact which we were really pleased about.

Pressure: The pressure did not effect the pringle in any way because the pringle was covered in bubble wrap and cotton wool.

Firstly we had wrapped the pringle in bubble wrap and then put it into a box. Then we covered it in tinfoil. After that we put the address and everything onto a piece of paper and stuck it on to the tinfoil. Then when we got it back we unwrapped it to see if the pringle had stayed its full shape………but it didn’t. It didn’t work because the pringle had too much pressure on it causing it to break. Pressure is calculated by force divded by area.

By Kiera, Lani and Emily.Year 9

Last lesson we designed a packaging for a single pringle, ours however, was not very good. IN conclusion our pringle broke into four pieces, this was not very good because it was meant to stay whole whilst being posted.

Next time, if we got to do it again, we would make the packaging more successful by using less popped bubble wrap and more cellotape so that it was more stable.

One thought on “Learning about pressure in Science with a pringle!

  1. Dear kiera, Lani and Emily
    An excellent example of the relationship of Science to the real world. I look forward to your next blog
    Ms Marooney

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