Our Pringle challenge!

The aim of our experiment was to see if our single pringle lasted the journey to royal mail and back to school.
Firstly we made our packaging, we started by wrapping our pringle up in cotton wool and sellotape, this was designed for extra protection from the impact from breaking. Then we put in a green plastic bag and sellotpaed it again to keep it in place. Afterwards we put it in a tin foil dish and put cotton wool around the outside to stop it from sliding around.
Then we put it in an enveloped ready to send it off.
We gave our packaging a bigger surface area to make the packaging have less pressure and force when falling. However, we discovered our pringle didn’t survive the journey as it broke in to several pieces due to pressure when compressed into the post box. Next time we should put less packaging aorund it to make it fit nicely through the mail box, and more bubble wrap instead of cotton wool to make it more secure.

By Tara, Katie, Catherine and Alice 9X3

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