The final pringle story.


First we got a small box and taped some cotton wool to the bottom of it and then we got another part of a box to use as a lid and we did exactly the same with that. Next we placed the pringle inside the box and put the lid on. We then sellotaped the whole box so it was sturdy. Although our pringle didn’t stay in one piece, I think that using cotton wool was good protection against impact because it is quite good at staying in place and would stick to the pringle. To imnprove, next time I think that we should cover the pringle with a larger surface area to reduce the pressure on the cotton wool so it is more protected.

By Brooke, Chloe and Jake

The pringle that our group sent off was securely wrapped in two different sized boxes, the pressure was not enough to be able to crack the pringle. The surface area was large so the pressure was spread out equally, the pringle couldn’t crack. If we could do anything differently, we would make the box smaller.

The impact of having two boxes improved the pringle from not breaking. It had two supports and then also it had the extra wrap to protect the sides. This effected the pressure as there was more weight . There was a low newton level due to the weight being light therefore this explains why the pringle did not break whilst being posted.

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