The pringle challenges continue………………..

In our experiment we were trying to find out if a single pringle could survive a trip to the Royal mail office wrapped in all kinds of materials. Unfortunately, our single pringles did not survive the trip. We soon found out that the weight of the materials may have crushed the pringle.
If we did get to do the experiment again we would use less materials so the pringle wouldn’t get crushed. We wouldn’t use sellotape as much because the impact it had on the pringle was big. It semmed to be under pressure by all the other packaging piling on ours. At the end of our experiment we found out that we made a mistake of using too many materials. As we saw some people’s pringles had survived , we would now consider using the same ideas as them.
In conclusion, we feel we should not have used as much sellotape, so the pringle wouldn’t have cracked as we re-opened the package. The pringle might have survived but we opened it with a lot of pressure on the scissors over a small surface area so that might have caused the pringle to crack. The pressure on the pringle against all the materials caused a greater force. We had limited space for the pringle to be in, this tells us that we needed more space and/or surface area to rduce the pressure in newtons.

By Hannah Charles, Emily Johnson and Nicole Back – Year 9.

We first cut the bottom of a pringles can, we then used the metal end as protection against impact, we also added lots of cotton wool inside of the pringles tube. After that we got the lid of the pringle tube and designed it so it would be extra protective, finally we then put the pringle in. We chose this design because as it is travelleing through the post there will be a lot of force being pushed down on the pringle by other objects, also becuase we added cotton wool to our design, it will less likely to get crushed by pressure because it has something soft against it . This emans any force in newtons would be spread out over a larger surface area that reduced the pressure on my pringle.

By Conor Hewlett and Michael Knight.

One thought on “The pringle challenges continue………………..

  1. Dear Y 9
    another great example of using Science to solve problems in interesting ways, I look forward to the next experiment
    Ms Marooney

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