Year 9 – Music. What’s gone well this year!

This year we have learnt many different types of music such as reggae, pop (which stands for popular), dance music, hip-hop, trance and heavy metal as well as many more.   Apart from that we have learnt how to create our own type of music using our voice, piano or drums and have had the chance to use the guitars the school provide for us. Also we have learnt how to write our own raps and lyrics, during a hip-hop lesson we had to come up with some lyrics for a rap but making sure they rhyme and make sense obviously! We did plenty more from what I’ve said but I enjoyed every single part of it.

To be honest I’ve enjoyed everything we have done this year in music as music is my life. It’s a lesson I look forward to and having such a great teacher (Mr Stathers) that’s helps me learn something every lesson is amazing. Also it has helped me build up my confidence for the fact I like to sing.  I used to be very shy when I was in middle school having to perform in front of my form but now I’m perfectly fine which is a massive change for me! I can always have a laugh with my friends as we always like to work together as we know how much of a team we make. I couldn’t enjoy music as much as I do today  without them and I couldn’t enjoy Music more :-).

I would now like to look more into the history of music and learn more about the artist in general because it’s not just knowing how the music is played and how it sounds like but it’s also about the artist who wrote the music and the lyrics themselves because it would be good to know what led them to what they do today and how they got so far in the music industry. Also how or who they were inspired by and what background they came from including why they chose the music they produce today.

Doing music after school is something I think about quite a lot. I have had guitar lessons in school but I am currently doing DJ lessons which I totally enjoy right now. I like to sing/rap and produce my own lyrics and randomly beat box, but I have been thinking that I might want to DJ part time whilst I do my other jobs in the future but to be honest you never know what the future holds for you, but fingers crossed, Music will be in mine.


Please look back here next week to see pictures of me and my friends in a music lesson and to listen to some tracks we have made.

Lani Smith – Year 9.