Macarena Algorithm In ICT

Mrs Gardner has made us do solid GCSE coursework for ages but she has broken her streak by making us try something different today.  The school will be teaching GCSE computing from September and Mrs Gardner wanted us to try out an activity. First of all we watched a short YouTube clip of the Macarena, by this point we all thought she was mad! Afterwards she made us write an algorithm for how to carry out the Macarena dance. An algorithm is used to instruct computers and many other devices to do something depending on what its purpose is.  It’s a set of instructions in a logical order to allow something to work or move. You write an algorithm for any process for example you could write an algorithm for completing The Rubik Cube and everyday life such as in the morning you would go downstairs and make breakfast and then brush your teeth rather than doing it the other way round.

In our groups we had to write the algorithm and swap it with another group for them to try and follow the instructions. Some groups attempts were better than other but most were adequate and just about understandable.

But all in all it brought a very welcome break from coursework but now it’s back to doing coursework.


By Aidan Gowing

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