Computer Systems – GCSE Computing

computer systems 1

In today’s lesson I worked with my partner to produce a set of cue cards for my podcast, to explain to us how we should lay out and explain things.
In lesson we’ve been learning how computers work – computer systems, what a CPU is, how to calculate uptime and downtime, reliability and testing and finally we looked at how bugs can be found in a system by a programmer and how they can be tested. We also had to look at the advantages and sometimes the disadvantages, but most of all, these topics. For instance, uptime/downtime is how long a site is up and how long it is down for, which was pretty easy for me to grasp, however the most difficult thing for me to grasp was the Reliability in computer systems and how this is important and can be tested. Please look at my work attached to see me trying to explain these key topics.

Harry Homewood – Year 10

Year 9 girls basketball league 30/09/2014

The year 9 girls basketball team were playing Angmering ‘A’ team to start with. Unfortunately they lost the game 8-2.

The next game was v Angmering ‘B’ team and they beat them 16-8.

The final game was against Steyning and DHS won this game 14-0.

Overall it was a good day and the team are looking forward to playing next Tuesday.

Team captain – Iona Gardner

PE – sports fixture updates

Year 8 boys football
DHS 4 – 2 Angmering
Local league

The game was tight for the first 10 minutes, and then DHS took over with a scramble in the box for Jack Dengate to lay it off for Tom Chalaye to bury it home. About 5 minutes later James walker put a sharp ball into the box for Jack Dengate to place the ball just below the bar into the back of the net, 2-0. After DHS having a good 15 minutes Tom Chalaye put the ball over the top for Jack Dengate to hit the sweet spot putting a volley thundering into the far top corner .The DHS boys became a bit sloppy and let Angmering get a goal back.
The second half started a bit differently with 3 minutes in for Angmering to nick a goal back to make it 3-2 to DHS the next 20 minutes it was end to end stuff with Taylor Seymour making some great saves. Ted Hartley, winning the ball in midfield with another crunching tackle, managed to lay it off for Tom Chalaye to put a great cross in for Harry Thompson to finish off with another great team goal.

DHS 11 v 1 Angmering
Under 16’s Netball league

A high paced match with Durrington leading from an early start ended with Durrington dominating the match with a final 11-1 win. Throughout the match we made many interceptions which allowed DHS to get the extra few goals in each half. With several Sussex players in the DHS tam, DHS has the advantage from the off and that was shown very clearly throughout the entire game.
In the 2nd half, DHS was already 5-0 up giving a positive feel to the whole team. With the team continuously working well together and communicating effectively it allowed DHS to get a few more goals with an eventual win of 11-1 in the first match of the league season.

DHS 22- 4 TLA
Under 16’s Netball league

Once again the match was very high paced with many powerful and accurate passes. However with TLA scoring the first goal of the match many of us were unsure how this match was going to end up. But we had no need to worry when Durrington eventually pulled away giving DHS a 12-2 lead at half time.

In the second half, DHS dominated by scoring a goal within the first 20 seconds. It was clear that DHS were in for a very interesting score by the end of the match. With constant powerful passes and fast pace playing, DHS eventually won their second match of the league 22-4.

Year 10 Rugby Wednesday 24th September.

Steyning Grammar School 14 -14 Durrington High School

As our team arrived at the Steyning rugby ground our expectations were high as we had a full squad with everyone fit and ready to compete. We kicked off with a high intensity warm up and everyone seemed prepared for a tough game.

We had a good line up with some new players in Jasper, Hugo, Connor and Sam and the tried and tested pace of Luke and Ryan on the wings.

The whistle blew and we quickly knew we were in for a tough game. Steyning took the early lead with a pick and go try from the base of the scrum. The conversion added the extra 2 points and we found ourselves 7 nil down within 9 minutes.

Straight from the kick off with a high ball into their 22 we put the pressure on and eventually they cleared their line straight to Jonnie who off loaded to Ryan to score in the corner. And we converted to level the match

During the game there were some injuries including my own hand, a dislocated wrist and Hugo took and big knock to the knee.

In seemed to be an evenly balanced game with our pack getting the upper hand and their powerful backs.

Ryan and the opposition added a further try and the match ended in a draw.

We seemed to have so many chances to score during the final embers of the game but just couldn’t convert into points. Once again their pick up and drive was good enough to steal a draw.

In summary we held a good defense but could not execute on our attacking game, we have picked up a few injuries and must practice defense around the scum.

Final score 14-14

Adam lean