Computer Systems – GCSE Computing

computer systems 1

In today’s lesson I worked with my partner to produce a set of cue cards for my podcast, to explain to us how we should lay out and explain things.
In lesson we’ve been learning how computers work – computer systems, what a CPU is, how to calculate uptime and downtime, reliability and testing and finally we looked at how bugs can be found in a system by a programmer and how they can be tested. We also had to look at the advantages and sometimes the disadvantages, but most of all, these topics. For instance, uptime/downtime is how long a site is up and how long it is down for, which was pretty easy for me to grasp, however the most difficult thing for me to grasp was the Reliability in computer systems and how this is important and can be tested. Please look at my work attached to see me trying to explain these key topics.

Harry Homewood – Year 10

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