Year 8 London Dockyard



This photograph is called the Rhinebeck Panorama. This photo was found in 1941 in a loft in Rhinebeck, New York State. It was originally 2.5 metres long, in watercolour. Before slavery was introduced, you would be able to trade stuff like swords for diamonds, so it was a win-win situation. However, soon after, land was up for sale in the Caribbean. Rich Europeans brought the land that contained sugar canes and then faced a dilemma. Who would care for the plants and cut them? They then thought that black Africans could become slaves. So when they went to trade, they asked for slaves instead of diamonds. The slaves were put on ships in thousands. Once they were over to the Caribbean, they got forced to work all day. They soon became weak. They hardly got fed. Even pregnant women were made to work. This was good for the rich because they had more people for no more money. Also the women got raped sometimes so that the master would have free slaves.


When we did our drama performance using our knowledge that we told at the beginning and made 5 freeze frames about slavery. Our group Farrah, Teagan, Beth, Chloe and Alice, did a performance. Our first freeze was when we were all happy and then Chloe got chained and then we all got chained up. Then we had to be a slave and work and cut the sugar canes. The last freeze frame was when we all died.



In the gallery we saw lots of different objects used in the slavery year. There were a lot of pictures and information you could read about slavery. There was a PowerPoint being shown near the end of the gallery and it was saying how slavery is cruel. Also there was a model of a west indie warehouse which would have been the same style in the slavery years which was really interesting.



We then did a workshop on poetry where a women carved her babies out of heartwood and she kept them in her clothes so they didn’t get taken away. Also she didn’t get her art work signed so the poem was called “So who was the mother of Jamaican art?”

Object handling session

The artefacts came from around 1700s to the 1800s so the papers were very fragile. After lunch, we went to a handling session. There we got to hold objects from the slavery period. We went to visit 4 tables. The first one was filled with objects from West Africa before the transatlantic trade. There was a bronze leopard from Benin, an iron plaque from Benin, a kente cloth from Ghana, bronze (or brass) weights from Benin and a gourd rattle.

The next table was to do with trade/products of enslaved African labour. There were a replica sugar cane, tobacco, a clay pipe, wooden cigar box, rum bottle, sugar nippers, replica sugar cones, cotton, coffee and a leather box with scales.

The third table had different drums with beaters and one of the drums had strings around it so when you put it round under your arm it tightened the strings and made the pitch different.

The last table had Manillas, sugar cane, slave bracelet and key and papers from plantation owners.


Dhs girls football year 9

DHS v Winston Churchill School
Year 9 Girls Football Nation Cup, Round 3
A high paced game in which the girls controlled for a long period, which resulted in a win of 5-0. Skye Bacon and Rosie Culver scored in the first half leaving our team at 2-0, the defence was strong enough to hold back the Winston Churchill School from scoring, but Darian Exley held it all together by making some amazing saves. In the half time talk Miss Head gave us positive feedback and what dhs could do to improve, Winston Churchill School fought back harder in an exciting second half but dhs conceded 2 more goals by Skye Bacon and Cydney Tang, despite it thundering and lightening whilst pouring down with rain for the second half. Nearing the end, Rosie Culver scored a clean shot that passed the goal keeper easily, taking us to 5-0.

By Cydney Tang and Lilli Wickenden

Year 10 Boys County Cup

Durrington High 1 – 5 Beacon Academy

DHS second game playing together was a county cup game at home. DHS got off to a poor start going 1-0 down mid-way through the first half. DHS equalised through a nice finish from Andy Gifford before the break however, DHS went 2-1 down thanks to an own goal.
In the second half the game was a different story. The wet and windy weather made it difficult for DHS to play good football; the opposition however took advantage scoring another 3 goals. DHS lost the game 5-1. MOTM was Andy Gifford.

By Max Gasson

U16 girls football team

U16 girls football team

U16 girls football team
Wednesday 5th November
county cup game against Littlehampton Academy.

We started off well scoring a quick goal by the left Midfielder Abbie Beadle. From this we progressed to 5-0 lead by half time. Littlehampton didn’t quit and continued to press our defence with great balls through to their quick striker. Our defence remained strong, only conceding 1 goal the entire game. Littlehampton scored from a high corner cross which whipped straight into the back of the net.
Durrington remained solid, playing extremely well to conceive an overall 13-1 win by the end of the match.
Durrington’s victory meant that they were now through to the next round of the U16 county cup.

A brilliant start to the competition with a promising future for the team!

Match report – Year 8 netball

year 8 netball girls

On Wednesday 5th November, Durrington’s year 8 netball team played the semis and finals of the netball tournament . Their first match was against Davison’s, it was a close game but they won 6-3. Their next match was against Sion. They started off amazingly intercepting Sion’s first centre and scoring. We then scored another goal so at half time we were drawing 3-3. We came back fighting strong scoring another 2 goals but unfortunately we lost 7-5. Everyone played amazingly and well done to all of the team.

Year 10 Rugby semi final

Durrington v’s Angmering
We played Angmering High School yesterday; it was a very tough match with a lot of tries scored. We lost 32-12 but still put up a good fight we didn’t give in and also fought back, we voted Dan Lynch as our man of the match because of his hard work and determination to get everywhere around the pitch. We also scored two tries and only converted one; the try scores were in fact Niyaz Wahid and Ryan McMillian.
By Luke Holiday