Dhs girls football year 9

DHS v Winston Churchill School
Year 9 Girls Football Nation Cup, Round 3
A high paced game in which the girls controlled for a long period, which resulted in a win of 5-0. Skye Bacon and Rosie Culver scored in the first half leaving our team at 2-0, the defence was strong enough to hold back the Winston Churchill School from scoring, but Darian Exley held it all together by making some amazing saves. In the half time talk Miss Head gave us positive feedback and what dhs could do to improve, Winston Churchill School fought back harder in an exciting second half but dhs conceded 2 more goals by Skye Bacon and Cydney Tang, despite it thundering and lightening whilst pouring down with rain for the second half. Nearing the end, Rosie Culver scored a clean shot that passed the goal keeper easily, taking us to 5-0.

By Cydney Tang and Lilli Wickenden

One thought on “Dhs girls football year 9

  1. Excellent result team, well done and i look forward to hearing about the next game.
    Ms Marooney

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