Road Safety

It is the start of a new year and, as ever, safety when travelling to school is of great importance. Many students at Durrington High travel to school on a bike, and it is crucial that all students stay safe.  To stay safe, you should ensure you have a bike helmet which fits you properly and the straps should always be fastened. Putting reflectors on your bike can also help you stay safe as it means other people on the road see you. You should also have a working set of lights. By having the correct equipment you are at less risk of being in an accident.  Roughly 2000 cycling accidents occur each year, and almost one quarter of the cyclists killed or injured in cycling accidents are children. These figures illustrate how vital it is that you stay safe on the road.

Use the picture below to check that you have the correct bicycle equipment:

computer safety

And remember: “According to the Road Traffic Act, two people are not allowed to ride on a single bike (even if it’s a BMX with ‘stunt pegs’) unless the cycle is ‘constructed or adapted for the carriage of more than one person’ – i.e. a tandem or a bike with approved equipment such as child seats, properly fitted. If you do carry a passenger on a bicycle not constructed or adapted for the purpose, you are breaking s.24(1) of the Road Traffic Act, as is your passenger.”

Nahida Usha, Head Girl and Max Gasson, Deputy Head Boy

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