My First Rock Challenge Danceathon

The Danceathon was a great success, with nearly everyone dancing for the majority of the 24 hours.  Girls and boys of all different ages and abilities took part.  We started off being split into three different teams which meant that we were able to take breaks whilst other people could carry on dancing.

The first half an hour was a fast moving, energetic Zumba class for parents and students.  After the parents had left, we carried on dancing without stopping until they came to collect us at 7pm Saturday night.

There were different workshops throughout the night and the following day.  My favourite workshop was run by Dani and John whose workshop was a jazz style dance and was great fun.

We were allowed to have a few hours’ sleep on the gym floor, which was hard and cold.  At about 3:00am in the morning, I was woken up for an exciting Bollywood style dance which was brilliant to perform and totally different to my normal style of dance.

The atmosphere was great throughout the 24 hours and we all shared a real sense of achievement as we pushed ourselves to our limits.

By the end of Danceathon, we had managed to nearly complete a winning dance routine for the next Rock challenge, which is going to be amazing!

At the end when everyone was exhausted and the parents had arrived to take us home, we took part in a cool down dance of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.

We finished by counting down the last few seconds with the parents joining in and clapping.

Thank you so much to all the teachers and staff for putting their time and effort into Danceathon 2015.

One thought on “My First Rock Challenge Danceathon

  1. I’ve heard such fantastic things about this danceathon. I’m definitely going along to support the next one. It sounded like so much fun. Well done indeed.

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