Our first year at Durrington

By Lara, Keely and Mary (Year 8 Students in blogging club)

2016, what a year!!! Our first year at Durrington has been very interesting and fun, it’s been a whole new experience for us.  At first, we were a little bit intimidated by the size of the school, though now we are really enjoying it and realise it’s not intimidating at all. It doesn’t take long to find your way around. Since we have been at the school we have realised just how many extra-curricular activities there are, that suit all different sorts of people.

The ones we have participated in are:

  • Blogging club
  • Rock Challenge
  • School productions
  • Choir
  • Drama club
  • Book club
  • Dance club
  • Musical drama club
  • Photography club

All the clubs have been successful this year with lots of volunteers in all of them. For example, rock challenge did really well and they represented the school against other schools in a massive dance competition.  Another example is in the school production of Beauty and the Beast, everyone put maximum effort into it and it went very well with lots of the audience and parents impressed with the standard of our drama/musical arts. Another example of a club I have enjoyed is choir, in choir there have been many performances and we feel it has majorly boosted our self-confidence.

There are many other clubs we haven’t explored and joined, which are all also doing very well, as a matter of fact all of the sporting events have gone well and every week in assembly we find out about how they did through sports captains reading weekly reports.

Clubs have given us many opportunities to represent the school in a positive way, for instance at the beginning of the year we were offered to take part in the ‘Year 7 and 8’s Story’ video in which we were asked different questions on our first year of coming into Durrington. We are now in the video which you can find on the Durrington High school website, you should go and watch it!

Coming up to Year 9 we feel doing clubs helps you to find out what subjects you really enjoy and what your interests are, therefore helping us get ready to choose our GCSE options which we cannot wait for.

This year we have been taught a wide variety of different subjects, including subjects that we haven’t been taught before like textiles. One of our favourite subjects this year is music because it is interesting and we learn a wide range of different parts of music, which we have never had the opportunity to look at before.

Another of our favourite subjects is drama, this is because all of the drama teachers are very enthusiastic, this motivates you and inspires you to be creative in your performance. It is also fun to play different characters in the different pieces we create.

Durrington High School is different to middle school and we like that. However, just like middle school, we have loads of different teachers all with different personalities but every teacher is welcoming and kind and this makes Durrington a special place.

At Durrington we have to uphold a certain level of expectations because every single student has to go ‘beyond our best’ and all the teachers know everyone’s full potential, they push us to the limits as far as we can go to get the best out of us.

Everyone is very helpful and supportive especially if you’re a new, younger student in Year 7 or 8 as we personally have experienced getting lost in the school once or twice and kindly some Year 11’s pointed us in the right direction, so they’re not scary at all!  Everyone is very friendly.

We cannot wait for another great year at Durrington High school in Year 9, so look out for our next post at the start of Year 9!