Y8 Art & Geography Lesson

by Alyssa Bunsell

I am going to be blogging over the schoolyear about my lessons at Durrington High School. Each time, I will blog about different lessons so you can see the kind of things we get up to in the classroom.


In this lesson, we completed a sheet that would help us complete our art page. First of all, we had to complete sticking the paper in our books to create the colour of the background of an artist, we then added logs and trees to create our own version of the painting. I particularly like the fact that we get to have art books to do this in because when you do a lesson that is similar like this, you can refer back to another lesson that is similar. It is also good to look back on work we have done previously and see how much better we are getting throughout the year. We do this type lesson quite a lot and usually we do it on artist and try to do it independently.



In this lesson we watched a documentary on Kenya and wrote on this sheet how Kenya lives differently than us in England. We then compared each others sheets and talked about how fortunate we are and how unfortunate they are. I like that we do this a lot because the more we talk about different countries and comparing them then I will know more about those countries then I did before the lesson.


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